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Thread: Leinart trade possible?

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    Leinart trade possible?

    I would say no. From what I've read his contract is back loaded to the point that no one would trade for him unless he agrees to restructure. If he refuses to restructure his deal then he will most likely be released and will get to chose his next team instead of having it thrust upon him. There are only 3 reasons I can see him agreeing to restructure and all 3 are fairly remote possibilities:

    1. If he doesn't, the Cardinals won't release him, just keep him as the backup.
    2. He really wants to play for 1 particular team, and that team just happens to be the one that trades for him.
    3. To help the Cardinals. Hard to justify being a team player when the team is getting rid of you.

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    I am not sure what the totals on his contract are, but I can say that he has only been paid $19.13MM so far.
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    I think a trade or a release is unlikely to happen in Arizona. If Leinart leaves, there will be two rookie QBs backing up Derek Anderson -- talk about the blind leading the deaf. Leinart's salary is pretty backloaded; he's getting over $2M this year and it shoots up to $7M next season. I doubt any team would want to pay that. Still, even though a trade probably won't happen, the fact that teams are looking into the possibility means that Leinart is expendable in Arizona. If a trade/release ever happens, Leinart may as well get the word "BUST" tattooed on his forehead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickMykita View Post
    If Leinart leaves, there will be two rookie QBs backing up Derek Anderson .
    It's hard to believe the phrase "backing up Derek Anderson" would be in any NFL team's vernacular. It seems it will be a long year in the desert.
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    I think the coaching staff believes that Leinart wont do the team any good as a backup. His confidence will be shot, more so than it is already, and I don't see any way he will accept the backup role and lead the team when he is called upon. Losing your job to Kurt Warner is one thing, losing it to Derek Anderson is on a whole different level. Not being able to win the starting gig for the 4th (I think) year in a row will be the final straw in Leinart's time with the Cardinals.

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    No shame losing out to a future Hall of Famer in Kurt Warner. But Derek Anderson? Really? Gonna be a rough year in Arizona.
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    honestly i think whiz is just being a master motivator, Leinart will start against the rams week one, i think whiz's number one complaint about leinart has been a lack of fire and this is his way of lighting it, just look how leinart responded after being benched, 9-10 one td as opposed to his truly lackluster performances in the first two games, even leinart's pissy reactions may be what whiz really wanted because it finally shows that leinart actually cares about football, obviously it is tough to say what will actually happen but i think it would be a mistake to start anyone other than leinart week one.

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    I don't think Whisenhunt is doing this for motivational purposes. A week ago I would have believed it could be a ploy to get Leinart fired up, but after all the trade talks? I just don't see it.

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    I don't think Arizona has a leg to stand on in trade talks at this point. They've made it quite clear they've abandoned ship on Leinart. The problem for Arizona is that, as Andy mentioned, his contract is way backloaded. Here's a breakdown of his current contract:

    8/14/2006: Signed a six-year, $50.8 million contract. The deal contains $14 million guaranteed, including a $7.575 million option bonus in the second year.
    2010: $2.485 million
    2011: $7.36 million (+ $5.5 million roster bonus due on first day of league year)
    2012: Restricted Free Agent
    So not only does he suck but he's due a ton of money next year. I also think Arizona has showed their hand by keeping Hall and Skelton, which means Leinart is likely headed for the waiver wire since nobody wants a 3rd or 4th QB for $7 million a year that isn't the Philadelphia Eagles. If any team has interest, they probably figure they can wait until early next week and try to grab Leinart by himself and not give up any players for him.

    If Arizona does intend to keep him, they've done everything they can to try and motivate him and I guess he's not interested in being the starter. His work ethic has been constantly brought into question and the arrival of Derek Anderson did nothing to improve his performance. He is getting the start tonight against Washington so we'll see if he takes this opportunity to show the league what he can do, or if he rolls out another mediocre sh*tfest.

    The funny thing is, if you put Leinart and Anderson together, you'd have a pretty decent NFL QB. Individually they are each other's doppleganger. One can't throw it more than 15 yards and the other can't throw it less than 30.

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    I don't think having Leinart in Arizona is going to work so the Cards should still explore trades for him. For whatever reason, he's fallen out of favor with Whisenhunt so best to cut your losses right now I guess. Personally, I think Leinart can still work in Arizona but it appears management believes differently.

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