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Thread: FPL League 2 - Draft Comments

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    FPL League 2 - Draft Comments

    Here's my draft comments/retro diary on how it went for me, personally... team Automatica (in honor my countryman, the extraordinary Argentinian kicker Martin Gramatica)

    ROUND 1 - Adrian Peterson, RB
    First of all, going first SUCKS. Yes, you get a top player... I got AP, but there are at least 4-5 players in that level. It is MUCH MUCH MUCH better to pick 4-10th. So, this was a big disappointment for me.
    Going first means your second pick is the 28th overall pick of the draft... Which leads me to:

    ROUND 2 and 3 - Greg Jennings, WR and Brett Favre, RB
    I watched in horror as 7 of the 8 QBs I had marked as "Elite" (after which the drop off in talent/production is considerable) were all taken. This left me with a tough choice: Draft my fringe Elite QB (8th out of 8), my old nemesis, the drama queen, Brett Favre (putting all my hopes for a successful season in the hands of a 83 year old)... or pick a WR or RB in his place... who I knew wouldn't get me as many points as old Brett. So I took him. Shoot me. Nevermind, I might shoot myself at some point during the season. The Greg Jennings pick was an obvious one for me at this point, most of the Elite WRs had been taken by this point, and I decided to go with one of only 2 NFL receivers with at least 5 100 yd rec games in each of the last two seasons. With the current conditions in GB, my guess is he goes for a third (even if Rodgers does spread the offense Brady-style).

    Ok, so far, not looking too bad. Got an Elite RB, WR and (gulp!) QB.

    And then... disaster.

    ROUND 4 and 5 - Vincent Jackson, WR and Justin Forsett, RB

    With the 56th and 57th picks, I was hoping for Welker, McCoy or one of the two top TEs to fall on my lap. Didn't happen. So, Im not gonna take a DEF or TE not named Dallas or Antonio with these picks... Time for RB and WR! Somehow, I was unaware of the VJ situation. I don'tknow how... it just didnt know he is holding out and it looks like he wont play this season. That sucks. For me, that is. AND he is suspended for the first three games anyways. Best Case: He gets traded, comes back in vengeance mode and helps me win the title. Worst Case: doesn't play all year, I wasted my 4th round pick. The Forsett pick: My hope is that he becomes a bona fide starter (good news for me! According to, Leon Washington is gonna return kickoffs, leaving Forsett in a fight with undrafted Julius Jones for the starting role)...

    ROUND 6 and 7 - Tomas Jones, RB and Santana Moss WR

    So, I needed another RB/WR and to fix my mistake with Jackson. It seems to me a did a good job in this round. Hopefully Jones does a lot of goal-line work and gets TDs for me. Santana Moss is the #1 receiver on his team, and hopefully he give me a solid 1000 yards, 6 TD season.

    ROUND 8 and 9 - Gaffney, WR and Chester Taylor, RB

    Gaffney is the clear cut #1 guy on this team. Whenever you can get a clear cut #1 receiver on ANY team with the 112th overall pick, I think you did a good job. Hopefully he has a good season, and I put him on the flex spot instead of T. Jones. Chester Taylor seems to be the #1 RB for Chicago as well. And, according to he looks a lot better in preseason than he did the last few years.

    So far so good, only the one stain on the resume. Still no def of TE though...

    ROUND 10 and 11 - DALLAS def and Carlson, TE
    Now that I had my key starters and their backups, time to fill in the rest of the gaps on the starting lineup. Dallas seemed the best option available at the time, and Carlson... some have labeled him as a sleeper TE this season. You know how that goes...

    ROUND 12 and 13 - Larry Johnson, RB and David Akers, K

    I know, I know. Larry Johnson's chance of having any kind of impact is like... 0.0001%. But then again, if something happens to Clinton Portis(9th year pro, with 108 games, and only played 8 games last season), Larry will be the man. And he HAS played 30 less games in his career than Portis... which in my own little dream world, counts for something.

    ROUND 14 and 15 - PATRIOTS def and Hartline, WR
    It seemed like a good idea to take the Patriots defense, just in case Belichick works his magic.... And Hartline. Well. I had to pick someone right? And it seems he will start. And it was the 197th pick. And... nevermind.

    So, there you have it... My draft summary. Im not THAT excited about my team, but drafts never go exactly like you planned. With a little luck, I could have a pretty decent season. Im shooting for pretty decent right now!

    How did your draft go???
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    For what it's worth, I got V-Jax in an autopick league I'm in. I asked in ESPN fantasy chat if I should dump him and was told to stash him. That he'd be playing later this season. I guess we'll see.
    My hypocrisy goes only so far.

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    Nothing wrong with drafting Jackson, as long as it's in 9th round or later.

    Marvin, about the time I was yelling at you for stealing Hardesty from me, he was busy possibly tearing his ACL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeland View Post
    Nothing wrong with drafting Jackson, as long as it's in 9th round or later.

    Marvin, about the time I was yelling at you for stealing Hardesty from me, he was busy possibly tearing his ACL.
    Trust me... I know . On a freakin 2 yd run of all things. I'll have to wait to see what CLE does with him but I'll let ya know if he becomes available on the waiver wire .
    My hypocrisy goes only so far.

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    If Louis Murphy or Nate Burleson is available, dump Hartline and pick one of them up.

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    Considering I couldn't make the draft and had to autopick my way through, I kinda like my team. It could be worse.

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    Would you trade teams with me?

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    Sorry I missed the draft guys, I got wrapped up with some family stuff (priorities and all). All in all this may be one of the times autodraft didn't completely kill me, although I did end up with three QBs and three TEs. All in all not so bad though. Should be a lot fun this season.
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    I don't like having Palmer as my starting QB, but considering I got into the draft room thirty minutes late and three beers deep, I'm not overly disappointed.

    [I]"Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do, but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're not talking about the game, we're talking about practice."[/I]

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    I feel pretty good about the thing as a whole.

    Rubbin' Stankonit

    * 1.Chris Johnson PICK 2
    * 2.Roddy White PICK 27
    * 3.Miles Austin PICK 30
    * 4.Clinton Portis PICK 55
    * 5.Marion Barber PICK 58
    * 6.Owen Daniels PICK 83
    * 7.Donovan McNabb PICK 86
    * 8.T.J. Houshmandzadeh PICK 111
    * 9.Pittsburgh Steelers PICK 114
    * 10.Darren Sproles PICK 139
    * 11.Laurence Maroney PICK 142
    * 12.Chaz Schilens PICK 167
    * 13.Matt Hasselbeck PICK 170
    * 14.Anthony Gonzalez PICK 195
    * 15.Shayne Graham PICK 198

    I can't believe Gonzales is going undrafted in some leagues.
    "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

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