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Thread: LenDale White probably out for the year

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    Add in the tequila to ease the pain, and we are looking at The "Fridge". Or as Broncos fans will call him, "The Northland SS":

    "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

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    Most of my fellow Broncos fans fell in love with White because he did the Mile High Salute against the Steelers last week but Moreno and Buck are both back now. Meanwhile, let's give Spencer Larsen some cracks on the goal line. He can get the job done!

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    LenWhale is beached? Quick, call the whale wars guys to pose dramatically while doing nothing useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msclemons View Post
    LenWhale is beached? Quick, call the whale wars guys to pose dramatically while doing nothing useful.
    Frickin' Whale Wars...

    What's next? Midgets who rescue abused dogs? Wait. What?
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    Denver will be putting all of its (and our) hopes into 2 injury prone RB's. Moreno claimed he was "80%" in the Denver Post last week. Moreno has seen no action in preseason, which is worrisome for a second year RB. The problem is Correll Buckhalter is a very injury prone and the Broncos don't have much after him. When Buck is healthy, he is a great back. The third RB on the depth chart is a guy named Lance Ball, mostly a practice squad player, but showed some promise in the preseason (but then again, it's the preseason). If Moreno goes down for any extended period of time, the Broncos will be in trouble.

    BradJamesItaly: Good idea by saying Spencer Larsen should get some goal line carries. He is the starting (and only) FB on the team, so McDaniels might as well use him. Moreno is not a power back and showed great difficultly getting those extra yards on short yardage downs, so Larsen is worth a shot.
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