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Thread: Let's talk about the cuts

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    Let's talk about the cuts

    There were quite a few that surprised me:

    Bomar - I guess I should've seen it coming with the Rosenfels trade, but now we only have 1 QB who knows the offense.

    Alford - I thought they'd give him more time to recover from his injury. He had such a good training camp last year, and who can forget that sack in the Super Bowl!

    Andre Brown - I assume this was because of the turf toe, but I thought he was looking great and they'd give him a chance to recover

    Pascoe - Just because that leaves Beckum as our only other TE

    Hagan - He was pretty solid on special teams last year, I guess they want to see what Calhoun can do

    What do you guys think?

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    i think cuts that surprised me most, were brown, bascoe and alford. the rest i all felt were on the bubble.

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    Alford and Brown were big surprises. Bomar, too, but they haven't used three QBs in a while, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised concerning him.

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