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Thread: Programming Note

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    Mark Slaughter@MarkVSlaughter 3m3 minutes ago
    Watch @WLWT's #Bengals Special LIVE with us from #TampaBay Monday August 24 at 7:00 with @vogel_wlwt before you watch the game on Ch.5

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    full thing will air Saturday.

    Mike Berk@mike_berk 48m48 minutes ago
    Sat down with #bengals WR A.J Green today. Here's a sample on his contract status, and win-now mode. …

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    will just toss this in here:


    Cincinnati Bengals@bengalsbuzztap 31m31 minutes ago >> All about the Cincinnati Bengals

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    Season Preview starting now on CBS Cincinnati.

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    upcoming on NFL Network

    Monday, August 31 Bears 3:00 AM
    Wednesday, September 2 Bears 1:00 PM
    Friday, September 3 Colts 5:00 AM

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    Game is on fox in Dayton right now as we speak. Almost halftime already though.
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    Mike Berk@mike_berk 3h3 hours ago
    Dave Lapham and @DougPelfrey return to @Local12 Sports Authority at 11:30. #Bengals looked good & what to make of @10AJMcCarron #WhoDey

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    Coley Harvey@ColeyHarvey 1m1 minute ago
    Might want to tune to ESPN2 at 2:30 p.m. ET, folks. Marvin Lewis will be on today's "NFL Insiders" show. #Bengals

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    Coley Harvey@ColeyHarvey 2m2 minutes ago
    Asked what position group has been a surprise, Marvin Lewis says it's "been pleasing" seeing young DBs play, also seeing Marvin Jones back.


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