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Thread: Is Brad Childress' Focus Misplaced?

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    Is Brad Childress' Focus Misplaced?

    Several times during the off-season, Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has made comments regarding the late hits by the New Orleans Saints on Quarterback Brett Favre during last season's NFC Championship Game.

    During today's post practice press conference, Brad Childress was quoted as saying, "What I hate to see are late hits or attempts to hurt anybody. I don’t think there's a place for that in the game.”

    Earlier in the month, when asked if Brett Favre could take the same kind of pounding he took in last season's NFL Championship Game, Childress said, "He knows there somewhere he's going to get knocked on his keister. That's going to happen. As long as we're doing it in the spirit of the rules, he's all good with it and I'm all good with it. In terms of not doing it that way, hey, everybody talks about hitting the quarterback. Let's just hit him the right way."

    When asked at the same press onference if he felt the Saints doles out excessive punishment on Favre, he said, "In my opinion, yeah."

    While I can certainly understand the sentiment of wanting to protect your quarterback, and I can even understand the desire to plant the seed with the officials to be on the lookout for cheap shots, it seems to me that, given the number of times he's made "Hit him the right way" comments this off-season, Childress is more focused on making sure the officials keep a close eye on the Saints defense than he is on winning this game.

    Hits are a part of football, and with as much action that takes plane on the field, the refs can't possibly see everything. That's why the league goes back, reviews the film and then issues a fine afterwards.

    Of course Childress' comments to the press could in fact be a part of his strategy. By making sure the refs are quick to blow the whistle the moment someone comes near his quarterback, he gives the Vikings a bit of an edge by ensuring more penalties get called against opposing defenses.

    Maybe his focus is in the right place after all?


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    I don't think he even knows. Gregg Williams made some comments that his players probably responded well to, so Chilly feels like he has to respond. But he comes off like a whiner. He is probably doing more to fire up the Saints, if they even need it. This is just kind of typical Childo, going around acting like he has a plan, till he speaks, and then you think he's, how you say, clueless. Thanks to Brett for the heads up.

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    When I wrote the post, it wasn't my intent to bash Childress. You really can't argue with the year over year improvement's he's made to the team over the past several years. It just struck me as odd to hear him yet again make comments about the shots Brett took in that game against the Saints. I got to thinking about how I would feel if McCarthy were to spend his time doing the same thing, and to be honest, I wouldn't like it. I'd want my coach focused squarely at starting the season right and beating our first opponent instead of dwelling about some hits that happened 7 months ago.

    Besides, the time to file any complaints is after the game, when you get to send your WTF? notes to the league office for review and to get answers.

    Plus, it's not like Drew Brees didn't take some illegal hits as well:

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    Late hits and excessive hits are part of the game too - jar loose the mortal coil and see who gets rattled. Apparently New Orleans struck a nerve with Childress via Favre, which speaks both to his instability in big game situations as a coach and lack of confidence in anyone lining up under center except for the 40-year old with a bad ankle.

    Not to worry, I'm sure no one on the Saints has noticed.
    [I]"Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do, but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're not talking about the game, we're talking about practice."[/I]

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