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Thread: Huge news in the SD! (/sarcasm)

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    This should be Volek's last year in SD. He was great for us against the Colts in the playoffs a few years ago, but he has looked terrible this pre-season. I was hoping they'd pick up a young qb that could have been groomed this year to take over Volek's spot next year, and they go and pick up JT, really! Troy Smith was available, and if nothing else, he could have been valuable as a trade piece. I hope they can resign McNeill and reduce the amount of hits that Rivers will take.

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    Only reason they picked up JT was due to the fact that Volek took a beating in the preseason and is not very healthy going into the regular season. With no other 3rd QB on the team, they had to have insurance in case Philip goes down. Really too bad that Crompton was terrible in every way this pre-season - he was rated decently coming out of school.
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