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Thread: Sports Depression

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris Collinsworth View Post
    I was wondering how the people in Minnesota handled that loss. I was cringing and I had no rooting interest. Do the Vikings have one more run with Brett? It seemed almost too easy for him last year. Amazing what he did with a new team and no camp. When you lose a chance at a Championship, (I lost 2 Super Bowls) you feel like you should be allowed to go right back the the championship game and try it again. The long grind of starting from training camp to have that chance again can break fragile spirits.
    Just as a fan, I'm still not over losing the Packers Super Bowl loss to Denver! When it comes on NFLN I change the channel. And of couse, it eats me up that they cheated on the cap!

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    Yeah, I was sad when I watched him throw that pick; I wanted to see him win. Of course, it wasn't as sad as when the Indians lost Game 7 in the bottom of the ninth to the Marlins in the '97 World Series. Or was it as sad as when Michael Jordan hit "The Shot" over Craig Ehlo (who had just made an awesome shot to put the Cavs ahead with 3 seconds.)

    Maybe it was in the same sport, but certainly not in the same league as "The Drive" or "The Fumble". I mean we're talking about Byner fumbling the ball while CROSSING THE GOAL LINE that would have ASSURED (not like possibly setting up a field goal) a trip to the Super Bowl. I know Bettis' fumble against the Colts could have been as devastating, but Big (scum) Ben saved the day so it wasn't.

    The one and only thing we have left is our basketball team who won the most games in both the last two years, has the most talented player and 2-time MVP leading the team, and will be winning a championship any day now. Wait....what? REALLY?! Oh.... Somebody stand me up against the wall and punt me in the hairy boys.

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    Bears loss to the Colts was especially rough because of the way it started with Hester running it back. Other than that, all I have to say is...CHICAGO's really brutal.
    2010 Chicago Bears: NFC North Champions

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    I just remember a feeling of not even being able to be upset because I was just so shell-shocked. Cris, your friend Bill Simmons talks about Vikings fans' feelings perfectly in his "Levels of Losing" columns:

    "Vikings fans expect to get punched, contort their faces into a giant wince, wait for a punch that never comes, say to themselves, 'Cool, I'm not gonna get punched, it's gonna be OK!' ... and then they get clocked."

    That is exactly what it was like, and I couldn't even be upset about it because I was so numb afterwards. I remember the Monday after was one of the most emotionally empty days of my entire life. And I think I handled it relatively well! I have friends who still won't talk about it. Amazing how as fans we get so invested in our teams. Makes me feel really bad for Cleveland fans right about now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestree View Post
    To me Jared Allen is a question mark. He beats the left side of the Cowboys line like a drum, then barely shows up against the Saints. Most of his sacks came against Green Bay before they got healthy. Take away those games and his numbers are not that great. The 'Boys are in trouble on the left side with Free (turnstile) and Barron ( too tall, gets killed by the speed rush). Jared eats those guys up, but is only slightly above average against quality left tackles. I'm not buying into the preseason Cowboys hype, the Vikings have more horses, but will only go where Favre takes them.
    I think Doug Free might surprise the critics this year. Last season he played both sides but mostly was practicing and filling in for Marc Colombo on the right side. Now he is coming into camp the LT and will get all the reps there, which is his natural position. He has all the tools necessary to succeed. It's up to him to mess it up.

    Garrett has now ended two playoff games with questionable coaching decisions. That game against Minnesota, and three years ago against the Giants in the first round. We pounded the ball in the first half with Barber and controlled time of possession entirely. We ended the half on a ten minute drive that really sucked the life out of the Giants (seemingly). It was all because our run game was dominating early and often. Then we came out in the second half and completely abandoned the run, as if we hadn't earned a single yard off it in the first thirty minutes. The Giants pinned their ears back and crushed us, and the game ended on a desperation INT in the end zone by Romo. Why Garrett did that I STILL have no idea years later.

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    That was such a weird game. I'm a Saints fan and I did enjoy watching Favre all year until it was time. All year people kept saying he is playing smart but when the time came, he had to revert back to Brett. If that pass was made, game over, Favre's a hero, if he throws a pick, it's over. He threw the ball across his body and across the field. Come on! How many times do we have to hear how bad of a decision that is. No matter how strong your arm is. Great game and Jared Allen is already talking smack about the season opener. The dome will be rocking again. Should be another great fight...unless Favre is a no-show.

    And Chilly, I am with you 100% except for the Haywood brick. For me it has to be the clock hitting 0:00 as the saints were called the super bowl champs. I then ran 2 blocks to get to bourbon street. A night I will never forget (well I guess I did forget it but you know what I mean.)
    [B]St. Bernard born and raised! BLACK AND GOLD TO THE SUPER BOWL! WHO DAT![/B]

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    I don't know, as a Vikes fan, Favre was pretty far down on my list of people I was disappointed with after that game. Childress topped the list. I could not believe the gutless play calling. Vikings had the ball on the 33, and he acted like it was a chip shot, two runs up the middle. Longwell was 2 for 2 on the year in 50+ year field goals, but a 50 yard field goal is still no sure thing. Then the 12 men in the huddle debacle. At that point I felt the game was already over, and the pick was just a final kick in the shorts. The pick was horrible, but for whatever reason, Favre did not take the brunt of my anger.

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    What made the NFC Championship Game last year so fascinating for Packer fans was that we all knew this was how it was going to end. I told all of my Viking fan friends that this was how their season was going to end - with a back-breaking, soul-crushing Favre interception in the playoffs, and they all knew it too. They all had their guard up, none of them trusted Favre. But as the season went along, and Favre played absolutely lights out, one by one they started to believe - and they started to love the things about Favre that we Packer fans had loved for 16 years, and they began to think "maybe he won't do it to us." And then, as the NFC Championship Game went along, as the Vikings were making their final drive, just as the thought entered my head "maybe he's not going to do it this time" - BAM - there's the interception, and the season ends exactly the way everyone knew it was going to end in August - but it didn't happen until Favre played so well that it let everyone's guard down again.

    The best analogy I can think of is if I had been married to a woman for 16 years, and she had a habit of cheating on me - but the good times were so good that I let it slide and stayed with her, until one last infidelity that I finally couldn't forgive and we got divorced. And it was fine for me, because I ended up dating a much younger woman - but meanwhile after a short-term rebound relationship, my ex-wife out of spite starts dating my worst enemy. And even though he's my worst enemy, I feel bad and I warn him how the relationship will end. And my enemy says he knows and he's just having fun and he has his guard up - but then they date for a few months, and it's better than he ever expected, and he falls in love with her - he lets his guard down - and he thinks "maybe she won't do it to me." And then I, watching the relationship from afar, finally start to believe "maybe she's changed - maybe she won't do it to him" and then - BAM - it happens just the way we all knew it would.

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