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Thread: 2015 Dynasty Draft Thread

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    2015 Dynasty Draft Thread

    Rookie/Free Agent Draft
    In each subsequent year following year 1, we will hold a 6 round Rookie/Free Agent Draft. Pick 1 will be given the 1st pick in each of the 6 rounds. Pick 2 will receive the 2 in each round etc. The first 6 picks of every round will be awarded to non-playoff teams in inverse order of finish from the season before (weeks 1-13). Picks 7-12 of each round will be determined by order of worst finish in the playoffs, with picks 7 & 8 going to the first round losers, using their inverse regular season record. The champion will pick last, and the championship runner up will pick next to last. Trading of draft picks can only involve the current year and following year rookie picks only. Both Rookies and all NFL Free Agents are eligible for this draft.
    This is your official draft thread. The draft board will be updated below. I'll do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but please keep track on your own as well, including with available free agents listed on the league website. The draft will kick off at NOON on Monday, July 6. Once you are on the clock, you will have 6 hours of pick exclusivity. Once your pick is made, the next person will then be placed on the clock. If the 6 hours become exhausted, the next person will join the previous person on the clock, and the pick will be made first come, first served. Please keep an eye on this draft page in order to help keep this thing moving.


    Round 1
    1. Insane Unicorns (Amy)- Todd Gurley, RB
    2. Starvin Marvin- Amari Cooper, WR
    3. The Incredibads (Rich)- Melvin Gordon, RB
    4. Professor 'Nati (Rich's friend)- TJ Yeldon, RB
    5. Steelnation- Kevin White, WR
    6. Raging Ragars- Breshad Perriman, WR
    7. Big Gravity (Biggie)- Ameer Abdullah, RB
    8. Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix (Packa)- Tevin Coleman, RB
    9. Elves On The Shelves (Matt)- Duke Johnson, RB
    10. Toxic Avengers (Brian)- Jameis Winston, QB
    11. Kaba Modern Forever- DeVante Parker, WR
    12. Team Meek- Dorial Green-Beckham, WR
    13. Bobbyz Boyz- Nelson Agholor, WR
    14. Save Us Sid Luckman (Docta)- Marcus Mariota, QB

    Round 2
    Insane Unicorns- Devin Funchess, WR
    Starvin Marvin- David Cobb, RB
    Incredibads- Josh Hill, TE
    Professor 'Nati- Maxx Williams, TE
    Steelnation- Phillip Dorsett, WR
    Raging Ragars- Clive Walford, TE
    Big Gravity- Devin Smith, WR
    Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix- Jay Ajayi, RB
    Elves On The Shelves- Sammie Coates, WR
    Toxic Avengers- Devonta Freeman, RB
    Kaba Modern Forever- Kendall Wright, WR
    Team Meek- Jaelen Strong, WR
    Bobbyz Boyz- David Johnson, RB
    Save Us Sid Luckman- Buck Allen, RB

    Round 3
    Insane Unicorns- Tyler Lockett, WR
    Starvin Marvin- Chris Conley, WR
    Incredibads- Brendan Oliver, RB
    Professor 'Nati- San Francisco 49ers DST
    Steelnation- Jeremy Langford, RB
    Raging Ragars- Ty Montgomery, WR
    Big Gravity- Tre McBride, WR
    Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix- Richard Rodgers, TE
    Elves On The Shelves- Josh Robinson, RB
    Incredibads (from Toxic Avengers)- Justin Hardy, WR
    Kaba Modern Forever- Mike Davis, RB
    Toxic Avengers (from Team Meek)- Brian Quick, WR
    Bobbyz Boyz- Nick Toon, WR
    Toxic Avengers (from Save Us Sid Luckman)- Matt Jones, RB

    Round 4
    Insane Unicorns- Cameron Artis-Payne, RB
    Starvin Marvin- Matt Asiata, RB
    Save Us Sid Luckman (from Incredibads)- Kenny Bell, WR
    Professor 'Nati- Brett Hundley, QB
    Steelnation- Garrett Grayson, QB
    Raging Ragars- Trent Richardson, RB
    Big Gravity- Carson Palmer, QB
    Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix- Taylor Gabriel, WR
    Elves On The Shelves- Charles Clay, TE
    Insane Unicorns (from Toxic Avengers)- James Jones, WR
    Insane Unicorns (from Kaba Modern Forever)- Stefon Diggs, WR
    Team Meek- Darren Waller, WR
    Bobbyz Boyz- Tyler Kroft, TE
    Save Us Sid Luckman- Virgil Green, TE

    Round 5
    Insane Unicorns- Bryce Petty, QB
    Starvin Marvin- DeAndre Smelter, WR
    Save Us Sid Luckman (from Incredibads)- Bruce Ellington, WR
    Professor 'Nati- Jermaine Gresham, TE
    Kaba Modern Forever (from Steelnation)- Cole Beasley, WR
    Raging Ragars- Timothy Richard Tebow, QB
    Big Gravity- Hakeem Nicks, WR
    Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix- Marcus Wheaton, WR
    Insane Unicorns (From Elves On The Shelves)- Devante Davis, WR
    Toxic Avengers- Brandon Coleman, WR
    Steelnation (from Kaba Modern Forever)- Vince Mayle, WR
    Team Meek- Rashad Greene, WR
    Bobbyz Boyz Denver Broncos DST
    Save Us Sid Luckman- Karlos Williams, RB

    Round 6
    Insane Unicorns- Thomas Rawls, RB
    Starvin Marvin- Jesse James, TE
    Incredibads- Andre Roberts, WR
    Professor 'Nati- Connor Barth, K
    Steelnation- Josh Harris, RB
    Raging Ragars- On The Clock
    Big Gravity- Ronnie Hillman, RB
    Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix- Chris Polk, RB
    Elves On The Shelves- Steelers DST
    Toxic Avengers- Ryan Williams, RB
    Steelnation (from Kaba Modern Forever)- Dennis Pitta, TE
    Team Meek- Jamison Crowder, WR
    Bobbyz Boyz- Brian Hartline, WR
    Save Us Sid Luckman- Rob Housler, TE

    -Insane Unicorns trade TE Eric Ebron to Toxic Avengers for a 2015 4th round pick.

    -Toxic Avengers trade QB Colin Kaepernick, RB Eddie Lacy, WR Demaryius Thomas to Save Us Sid Luckman for RB Lamar Miller, RB Charles Sims, WR Sammy Watkins, TE Julius Thomas, 2015 3rd round pick.

    -Insane Unicorns trade RB Joseph Randle to Kaba Modern Forever for Stevan Ridley and a 2015 4th round pick.

    -Toxic Avengers trade QB Sam Bradford, QB Mark Sanchez, RB CJ Spiller, WR Antonio Brown, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Dwayne Allen to Team Meek for QB Ryan Tannehill, RB Latavius Murray, WR Jordan Matthews, WR Allen Robinson, 2015 3rd round pick.

    -Save Us Sid Luckman trade QB Nick Foles to Incredibads for TE Jordan Reed, 2015 4th round pick, 2015 5th round pick, 2016 2nd round pick.

    -Team Steelnation trade 2015 5th round pick to Kaba Modern Forever for 2015 5th round pick and 2015 6th round pick.
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    The 2015 Footballpros Dynasty Draft is officially underway. The Insane Unicorns are on the clock with pick exclusivity until 6 PM. Marvin's Dynasty is on deck, and will be able to make their selection immediately following Amy's pick, or at 6 PM, whichever comes first.
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    Amy- to repost my offer, so that I know you see it. I'll give you Eddie Lacy, Kaepernick, Garcon, and Dwayne Allen (or Lacy, Kaepernick, Keenan Allen) for Cam, Ebron, plus your 1 and 2.
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    It's tempting, Brian, but I like Cam more than Kap. So, I'll keep the pick, and with the first overall pick in the rookie draft, I'll take Todd Gurley, RB, Rams, to try and shore up my terrible running game.
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  5. @Brian -- Kill one of these pages. No need for two draft threads.
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    Moving right along, with the 2nd pick, I'll take Amari Cooper WR, Raidahzzzzzzz
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    Formerly "The Marshall Plan," The Incredibads select Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego.
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    Professor 'Nati takes TJ Yeldon.
    "I will never give a motivational speech to my players. If I have to motivate you, I will fire you."

    -Chuck Noll

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    "I will never give a motivational speech to my players. If I have to motivate you, I will fire you."

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    I'll take Kevin White, WR.
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