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Thread: His nickname is Shady? Imagine that.

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    His nickname is Shady? Imagine that.

    These are a couple days old, but:

    Soapbox time for Scott:

    1. It isn't criminal.
    2. It is not sleazy due to its lack of any smoothness. Smooth, and it's excusable because if a consenting adult wants to be an unpaid sex worker, I am not inclined to stand in their dumb path. Still sleazy, though. Perhaps time for as new nickname? At least McKinney and Smoot had the decency to hire professionals.
    3. I want to be the sports-rooting equivalent of jingoistic, but this is just pathetic and I now have another reason that I don't like that my team pursued this schmuck, and then gave him a raise. He's a stupid sleaze, though probably not a scumbag, but he's our stupid, sleaze so I have to say it's OK? At least do the honorable thing and offer to pay your attendees.
    4. Seriously, mister famous millionaire jacked dude, if this is even a part of, much less the extent of your "game*," then you got no game.
    5. If he was 20, I get it. Even 23. Dude's been out of high school more than five years. Time to grow up.
    6. I don't care that he has been the second best RB in the league the last five years. I don't like him as a person, and I would prefer that he was on another team.
    7. What on earth is wrong with young people? Party barges are private things. Keep 'em private.
    8. OK, mostly I think I am upset because he is an idiot and our idiot GM gave him a raise (have had irritating conversations about this - guaranteed money whatever - according to the salary cap hits in a couple years he got a raise) without even being asked.

    *(I know, not feminist, or sexually liberated, but I am trying to fit myself into his milieu, internet.)

    And yes, it is probably mostly to do with giving up the team's best linebacker for a 7 year veteran coming off a concussion.
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