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Thread: Reviewing the run!

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    Third Quarter:

    Seattle started at the 20. Lynch started off with a gain of 3, but then got 15. Then, on playaction, they go back to Matthews who gets 45 as he smoked Arrington. Lynch got 7, Turbin got 2, then Lynch got stopped for no gain.

    At this point in the game, Lynch has three carries on X and 2 or less. The results are 0, 5 yard TD, 0. 1.3 yards per attempt. Keep this in mind....

    They take the FG. 17-14, Seattle, 11:09 in the quarter.

    We start at the 20. Brady to Jules for 3, Blount runs for 1, Gronk gets 7, and the first. Blount gets 1, play action with Bolden led to an incomplete pass. 3rd and 9. And then...

    Interception. Bobby Wagner. Turnover number 2.

    Seattle took over with 8:07 left in the 3rd. They started at the 50. They started with a pass to Matthews for 9. Lynch picks up 2. Wilson makes two guys miss and scrambles for 18. Then, they added 5 yards for holding at the end of the play. Which is not how that works. It's the play or 5 yards and an auto first down. Not both.

    Bad call count: 3-0. Seattle.

    Lynch picked up 14, giving them first and goal from the 4. Lynch gets 1. And then...

    A ref picks Revis, and TD to Baldwin. TD Seattle. 24-14 'Hawks.

    Lynch now has 4 carries on X and 2 or less for 7 total yards and a TD. 1.7 yards per attempt. 4:54 left in the 3rd.

    BB to the defense. "It's just like the Baltimore game. There's nothing new here. Just do your jobs, we'll be fine."

    Baldwin was also called for a personal foul afte the TD. Personally, I wish they'd change the rule so that if the player who scores gets called for one - taunting in his case, the score is nullified, you lose 15 yards and the down.

    Instead, you kick off from a different place. Ohhh, that has a major impact.

    We started at the 35. We went to Jules for 17. It came back on holding, and the refs missed OPI on Jules.

    Bad call count: 3-1, Seattle.

    1st and 20. We go deep to LaFell. Jojo is held. No flag.

    Bad call count: 4-1, Seattle.

    Jules gets 11. 3rd and 9. Dola with a drop. Punt.

    They start at the 20. They start strong. 25 to Lockette off a nice play action. Lynch gets 2. Wilson goes to Kearse, who is brought down by Malcom Butler. Butler was in now, Arrington out. Browner was behind that, as he took Matthews, who had been scorching Arrington, and Butler took Kearse. Browner suggested it to BB on the sidelines, since Matthews was taller than Kyle, but shorter than Browner. They go right back to Kearse, and Butler breaks the pass up. 4th and 2, Seattle punts.

    We start at the 14, with :55 in the 3rd. Vereen runs for 3. Brady finds Develin for 6, giving us 3rd and 1 to start the 4th.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    4th Quarter:

    3rd and 1. 15:00 to play. Down 10. No team, trailing by 10 or more, to start the 4th, had ever won the Super Bowl. History was with Seattle.

    Seattle stopped Blount for no gain. We punted. It was looking grim. 14;17 left.

    They start at the 36. But go nowhere. 2 runs, for 3 yards, by Lynch, and then a sack by Nink forced the 3 and out. The defense rose up. 12:10 left.

    We started at the 33. It starts bad. Brady sacked. 2nd and 18. Brady finds Jojo for 4. 3rd and 14. And Jules rises up! Edelman with a huge play. First down at the 49. A screen to Shane gets 10 more. Personal foul on Seattle added 15 yards. We were at the Seattle 27.

    We go to Jojo. Simon holds, again! No call, again!!!

    Bad call count: 5-1, Seattle.

    Shane runs for 2. But Jules comes up, again on 3rd down. 22 yard play. First and goal! Play action to Jules misses, but on second down, after a playfake, Dola scores! TD!!! 24-21, we're closing the gap. 7:55 left.

    After the drive, Brady is talking to Jules about the 22 yard play:

    TB12: "That was a huge play Jules, a championship level play."
    Edelman: "It doesn't mean anything unless we win it."
    TB12: "We are going to win it."

    They three and out. 6:52 left. Two imcomplete passes did not help them.

    We start at the 36. We start off Vereen. Back to back catches for 11 yards. Jules with a 9 yard catch. He made two guys miss. Brady finds Gronk. 10 more. We're at the Seattle 32. Sherman stops a swing to Vereen for no gain. Gronk again, for 10. Shane gets 8 on an inside run. Brady to Jojo! First down at the 5! Blount for 2. 2nd and goal. And then....

    JULES! TD!!!

    28-24 Pats!!!!. 2:02 left.

    They start at the 20. They start with a bang. 25 yard pass to Lynch. Two minute warning. They are at our 45.

    They go to Kearse. Pass defended by Malcom Butler.

    They go deep to Matthews. Pass defended by Browner.

    They convert on 3rd down with a pass to Lockette. 1:25 left.

    And then...

    They go deep to Kearse. Again, Butler makes an outstanding play on the ball, but it bounces off Kearse's thigh. He catches it, and they have life.

    First and goal on the 5.

    Lynch gets 4.

    And then....


    20 seconds to go.

    They show Butler so drained from the emotion, that he's crying and Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins are helping him walk off the field.

    They get to the sideline and Collins says "Hey. You just won the Super Bowl man!"

    Seattle jumps offsides. Then we kneel, and we have a mini fight.

    And then...

    Richard Sherman walks over to the kneeling Brady and extends his hand. Brady takes it, Sherman helps him up and says "Great game, man, great game."

    One more snap and it ends.

    In 2007, Asante Samuel dropped a pass that Eli Manning threw to him, and we lost a Super Bowl.

    In 2011, Wes Welker dropped a pass with no one within 20 yards of him, and we lost a Super Bowl.

    In 2014, an undrafted free agent made the play of the season.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Post game things:

    Jules and Willie McGuinest:

    Jules: "I was thinking before the game that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about the old Pats. But you guys laid the foundation."
    Willie: "And you carried it on, great job."


    "Hey! Malcom! Are you kidding me? You did it man! You won it! You did it! You're incredible!"

    LaGarette Blount and his kid celebrating.

    Chandler Jones sliding through confetti.

    Darelle Revis holding up his Championship t-shirt.

    Jules: "This was the best year of my life, I'd do anything for you coach."
    BB: "You went out and won it. It's a players game."
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Seattle threw at Butler 5 times. The results.

    One bad overthrow by Wilson.
    Two passes defended.
    One pass defended that was turned into a great catch.
    One interception.

    More post game. BB's press conference:

    Q: Would you have called a pass or run at the end of the game?
    A: We were on defense.
    Q: If you were on offense?
    A: But, we were on defense.
    Q: Hypothetically?
    A: We can't answer hypothetically. We have a different team then they do. A different quarterback, different recivers, different lineman. We're two different teams, we were on defense.

    Q; Have you ever seen a catch like Kearse made before?
    A: Yeah. I've seen two of them.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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