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Thread: Patrick Crayton: Duct tape solution

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    Patrick Crayton: Duct tape solution

    Duct tape is awesome. It has millions of applications, from fixing household items and rookie hazings, to helping get MacGyver out of almost every sticky (bad pun) situation. All these applications at such a reasonable price!

    On hearing the news that the Chargers got Patrick Crayton for a 7th rd pick, I was very excited. It gives the Chargers a proven Slot receiver that could move up to no. 2 if Naanee struggles. Buster Davis IS going to miss time due to injuries this season, and I was terrified by the possibility that Josh Reed might be the only other receiver on the roster. Crayton isn't a long term solution, but he is a Duct tape fix for the Vincent Jackson Issue this season.

    This reminds me of when the Chargers traded for Chris Chambers to upgrade their passing attack, although the price was a bit steep. If Crayton can provide a boost to the passing attack like how Chamber did (pre-stalker now wife), then this trade will be incredibly profitable for the Chargers.

    p.s. I love how the Cowboys decided to keep a more expensive and less productive player in Roy Williams over Crayton. Thanks Jerry.

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    I loved the pick up. Josh Reed looked terrible in camp and pre-season. Crayton will be a big upgrade to the receivers in SD.
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