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Thread: The defense begins!

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    The defense begins!

    It's time! Time to defend the title. We have TB12 back, and banner number four! But, we won't have LaFell until at least week 6, and center Brian Stork until at least week 8. Aaron Dobson will have a chance to show he can make a difference. If he doesn't, the returned Kenbrell Thompkins may be elevated up from the practice squad.

    We're wearing uniforms with "Super Bowl 49 Champions" patches on them. Nice.

    And of course, the Commisoner will be on hand to watch the unveiling of the....ohh, wait, that's right. Roger's in New York, and instead of being honest with the reason why, he told Mike&Mike "I was at the two playoff games in January, that's why I'm not going."

    Man Up, Roger.

    Pregame was awesome! They had a tent set up and out comes Ty Law with the first Lombardi.
    Troy Brown with #2.
    Willie Mac with #3.
    Then, after playing Mr. Kraft's line after SB 49 'I never thought another would feel as good, but this is abolutely does', Mr. Kraft walks out with #4, and the stadium explodes!

    Steelers gets the ball first.

    Carl Cheffers is the ref.

    Steelers P1: Start at the 20. The Steelers start out strong. Ex Panther DeAngelo Williams starts off with an 18 yard run. Ben tosses a screen to Brown that gets 9, and Williams gets 4 for the first down. Ben then found Miller for 14, and Williams gets 10 more on the ground. But, then, the Steelers get cute. A WR pass play loses 8 as Antonio Brown gets sacked by Malcom Brown. A holding penalty on the next play gives the Steelers 2nd and 28. A 6 yard run by Johnson, then Ben finds Miller, for 10, but they miss a 44 yard FG.

    Dominique Easley was hurt on the Johnson run.

    Pats P1: Start at the 34. Like them, we blow it. We start off with a strange play. We find Jules for 14, but Solder is called for a post play personal foul. It gave us a first and 12. I don't know why. Brady finds Dion Lewis on the next two plays for 26 yards. But them, we miss Gronk, and Brady overthrows a wide open Dola. We probably score if the pass is on target. 3rd and 10 was out of sync. Brady runs for 1, and we punt.

    Steelers P2: Start at the 7. They start with 2 runs for Williams for a total of 5 yards. On 3rd and 5, Ben goes to Brown. Butler has perfect coverage, but Brown makes an even better catch and gets 9. An illegal formation on the next play gets the Steelers into 1st and 15. They get 3 on a screen Brown. On 2nd and 12, Hightower sacks Ben for 3rd and 18. Ben finds Miller for 16 and they punt.

    Pats P2: Start at the 10 after Slater is called for holding on the return. We start running. 2 runs for Lewis get 9, Brady gets the sneak for the conversion. Lewis gets 5, but it gets back for holding and we end the first with 9 yard pass plays to Dobson and Jules.

    End of the 1st.

    Jules gets the ball to start the quarter, gets 9 on a jet sweep. The Steelers blow Bolden up for a loss of 3, but Brady goes to the air to Lewis (7) and Jules (8). Lewis runs for 3, the Brady finds Jules for 11, and back to back passes to Gronk for 35 and a TD.

    7-0 Pats. 11:11 to play in the half.

    Steelers P3: Start at the 20. They start slow with Williams running for 2, and Ben overthrowing Miller. But, on 3rd and 8, Heyward-Bey beats Fletcher for 48 yards. Back to back Williams runs get 7. On 3rd, Ben missed Brown, then they miss a 46 yard FG.

    Pats P3: Start at the 36. We put the pressure on. A playaction pass to Jules gets us to the 50.
    They stop Lewis for no gain, but Brady finds Dola for 18 and Bolden for 12. We go back to the ground, Lewis twice for 9, Brady for 2 on 3rd and 1. That gave us 1st and goal at the 9. Brady finds Jules for 4, then Gronk for 5 and the TD.

    14-0 Pats. 4:01 to play in the half.

    Steelers P4: Start at the 17. Steelers won't just roll over. They start with Ben finding Brown for 5. Williams runs for 10, but it comes back on holding on Wallace, the center. After Ben finds Miller for 9, Brown beats Butler for 37. That brought us to the two minute warning. Williams ran for 2, and then caught a pass for 5. Ben goes to Wheaton but he drops it. They go for it on 4th. We call time. They find DHB for 4, and the first down. They call timeout #1. Williams runs for 5. They do not call time and Ben finds DHB in the endzone. But, DHB has a foot out of bounds when he catches it, so it's incomplete. They go back to DHB on 3rd, but the pass is incomplete. They settle for a 44 yard FG, and this time they make it. 14-3 Pats with 3 seconds left.

    Pats P4: We kneel.

    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    We get the ball to start the second half.

    Pats P5: Start at the 20. We drive! Brady finds Jules for 10. We go to the run. Lews gets 4, and Bolden 1. Back to Jules, for 10 more, in 3rd and 5. Lewis gets two carries for 20, then Brady goes to Dola for 6. The next play goes to the endzone where Allen commits PI. We have the ball at the one. They stop Bolden, but Brady finds Chandler for the TD on second down.

    21-3 Pats. 10:37 left in the quarter.

    Steelers P5: Start at the 20. The Steelers drive. They lead with a really great 28 yard run for Williams. Ben goes deep for Brown for 33. They go back to Williams who gets 18 yards on 3 carries. That made it 2nd and goal from the 2. They go to Johnson who needed 2 carries for the TD. They convert a 2 with a pass to Wheaton.

    21-11 Pats with 5:45 left in the quarter.

    Pats P6: Start at the 20. 4 plays and a punt. Will Allen gets a sack on 3rd and 4.

    Steelers P6: Start at the 27. The feed Williams. 3 runs for 17. Ben then finds Brown for 11 and Wheaton for 26. The Wheaton catch was amazing. They go back to Williams, who gets 5, then Ben finds Miller for 6, and the first and goal as the third ends.

    Fourth Quarter:

    The Steelers struggle in a way. Willaims gets nothing. Ben finds Miller for 4, and then goes to him in the endzone. It's incomplete, but Chung is called for PI. 1st and goal at the 1. Ben misses Miller, Johnson gets stopped. They get a false start, Williams gets dropped for a loss, and they take a 24 yard FG.

    21-14, Pats. 11:39 left. We need a nice drive to get it back to a 2 score game.

    Pats P7: Start at the 21. Brady finds Gronk for 52 to start the drive. We go to the endzone, but it goes off Jules hands. Lewis has a 5 yard run, and then Brady finds him with a pass. He gets 20, but is stripped on the two. However, Gronk comes out of nowhere for the recovery at the 1. They stop Bolden for no gain. Brady misses Gronk, then finds him for the TD on 3rd down.

    28-14 Pats, 9:40 left.

    Steelers P7: Start at the 20. Three and out.

    The fans start to chant "Where is Roger?" Soooo funny.

    Pats P8: Start at the 26. Three and out.

    Steelers P8: Start at the 36. Ben finds Wheaton for 18. But, then...


    Pats P9: Start at the 7. 7 plays and a punt.

    Steelers P9: Start at the 30. 13 play drive that ends in a Brown TD. 28-21 with 2 seconds left.

    We recovered the onsides and get the win.

    The Steelers played well, we played better.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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