We get a familiar foe this weekend. Jake Delhomme comes back to Tampa this Sunday now in a Browns jersey and I couldn't be happier to see him. I'm of the opinion that Delhomme is not long for the season as the starter and I think the Bucs will do their part to make this a reality sooner than later. We really need to start the season off right and get a win against a team we should beat will do that. We really need to take advantage of our schedule pre bye week and get off to at least a 2-1 start. I look at the schedule and don't see a lot of elite teams (minus 3 games with Saints and Ravens), but still could be tough to a very young team. It's so important for these guys to get a couple of wins under their belts early and carry over the momentum they had at the end of last year.

I hope everybody is excited for the new season and hopefully we will at least get to see a team on it's way up this year. A team where there is going to be some growing pains but a lot to look forward to down the road!