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Thread: Boston at Buffalo, what I think will happen

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    Boston at Buffalo, what I think will happen

    when the Patriots have the ball:

    1. New England will run the ball mostly form spread formations.
    2. New England will use at least 2 TEs on 90% or more of their offensive plays.
    3. New England will try to get a TE covered by Nickell Robey as much as possible and an Edelman/Amendola covered by a Safety/LB as much as possible. 6'6" vs 5'8" is predictable and for a good reason, as is Super Bug covered by Sloth. Their formations will be determined largely by whether Buffalo has Gilmore chase Gronk or Edelman all day. If not, then look for Gronk and Edelman to spend most of the day on the offensive right side, with Edelman wide and Gronk in the slot (in this case if it is weighted the other way, it will probably be a run.) If they move the CBs around just look for Brady to throw to the guy covered by Robey, Darby, or Bradham/Brown/Duke Williams.
    4. Buffalo, especially if Ryan Wendell is out, will play a lot of pass rush games inside.

    When Buffalo has the ball:

    5. Run run run, all day long. Like, throw the ball maybe 15 times.
    6. Ninkovich will probably still get 3 sacks.
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