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Thread: FPL iPhone/iPod App?

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    FPL iPhone/iPod App?

    Maybe we should find someone to make an app for us. A ton of people use apps so we'd definitely get some traffic.

    Sometimes you're just too lazy (or maybe I'm alone on this one) to go on the computer just to check FPL, and using Safari requires a ton of zooming in.
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    as with so many things, its on our radar. i tried an app called tapatalk, but it slowed the entire site to a crawl.

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    I subscribe to the FPL RSS feed through google reader and use the google app to read my subscriptions on the go. Seems to work pretty well for me. You get main thread post, then u click on the thread heading and the app automatically opens Safari and takes u to the thread page so that u can read the comments and responses. Just though I would share what works for me. Of course, if u subscribe to a lot of feeds this may not work quite as well, but you can choose to only see one feed at a time and that would make it simpler.

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