A few thoughts.

1. Iffy offsides call on th expending kickoff turned what would have been Buffalo ball on the Tennessee 2 into Tnessee ball at their 20 or so. That, whether the call was laid or not, looked to deflate Buffalo for about an hour.

2. That Unnecessary Roughness call against Graham in he fourth quarter was bull****, horse****, and just ****ty. I am done with the officials for the rest o ft his, as the rest of the game featured a pretty even distribution of good and ****ty calls in each direction.

3. I have gotten tired of piling on Whaley, but the two moves this week seemed useless at the time and were confirmed as such today. Dumping Thigpen for Moore as punt returner in order to provide a spark to the return game? Moore had wide open fields. Thigpen was generally fair catching balls at the five because he had to. He muffed one last week. Whaley I suspect was trying to send a stupid wake up call to the rest of the roster. Unnecessary and as such ineffective. I don
T care about the fumble as I say this, by the way. Second move, dropping Jordan Gay of the 75 yard kick offs for Billy Cubdiff who could do that eight years ago? I guess they knew Sankey would rip two of them? He didn't
T kick anything more than three yards deep. That move was clearly made to threaten Dan Carpenter. Again unnecessary, as he has been pretty openly discussing his performance I an objective way for a couple months. If you are gonna carry a kickoff specialist,make sure he can do it?

4. The Buffalo offense too often has resembledlastyear's. Too much stuff I tight on plays where you know they want to run it. They have greater success spreading the field out laterally. Not surprising given the relative youth and insane speed of the team.

5. I the first half, Taylor was not running. When he ran, they succeeded. I don
T normally favor the QB as running back as a featured part of the offense, but cricket he was he only guy with a pulse carrying the ball today. Glad they figured that out.

6. Gilmore has played really really well this year. Bradham has not.

7. I doubt that Buffalo will see anything beyond running from a spread and three to five step drops th Ernest of the year. Even Jacksonville will probably figure that one out.

8. I want Buffalo to blitz a lot more.

9. That first half was painful. If you have a chance, don't watch it.