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Thread: I have a lot of comments on PFT flagged

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    I have a lot of comments on PFT flagged

    They are generally a milder version of my complaints as seen here. Shorter, too. Maybe one in five or six of my comments gets removed form the site.

    I have had two in th elast five minutes, on the post mentioning Sammy Watkins' inanities.

    In th efirst, I mentioned his poor performance in the New ENgland game, the poor pass protection of th eoffensive line in the first two games, his inability to finish their third game or participate at all in their next two, and while using the word "idiot a coupl etimes, allowed as how the team make-up righ tnow isn't tuned to feeding him the ball whether he is covered or not. The second was a bit of wondering why that got flagged, with a mention of Chris Brown, Eugene Parker, and Doug Whaley as likely candidates for having my posts removed, as two of them are generally mentioned in the offending comments by me.

    Thank you all for not doing so.

    Seriously, Sammy Watkins is complaining about not being targeted enough, whether he is covered or not. Complaining about the QB throwing the ball to other guys, even if they are uncovered. Really, he said that. Also that he would either get the ball or knock it out of bounds whenever it might be thrown to him, so an incompletion is the worst that could happen, and what harm is that?

    I never suspected he was THAT stupid in my complaints about him. Just that they overpaid and should have taken someone else anyway because the someone else who was still available was better and more useful. Now? Oh boy this will be fun to watch. I cannot wait to see Whaley try to spin this.
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    If you want the ball, get open. It's pretty simple, Sammy.
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