the stadium is gorgeous felt like home and thats all that matters to me.

I'll keep it short

The Goods!

NICKS what a great game for such a young gun this guy is a stud

Manning yes the box score will show 3 picks but they were all of wide outs hands and cris will tell you thats on the wide outs

Safeties Rolle, Phillips and Grant might be the best group of safeties in the league

Terrell Thomas solid tackling, pick in the endzone great job

Justin Tuck the life blood of this D the plays he makes in both the run and the pass game prove to you that he is not only the leader but as Tuck goes the Giants D goes with him


Dodge might have to dodge people in newark airport in a few days awful

the kick coverage was awful

the run blocking was awful

But all in all the only thing that matters is 1-0

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have a nice day!