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    Denver. This will be a hard game for both teams. They do not have Manning. We are missing Jules and Danny and Dion Lewis. We are the #1 scoring defense (by one point!) over Denver. However, we are also the #3 scoring offense (behind Arizona and Carolina). Denver, however, is #21. So, I do think we have the edge. A loss would not shock me. However, I expect us to win.

    Weather could be a factor. It's expected to get to around 20 degrees tonight with light wind and a 60 percent chance of snow.

    Our notable inactives are Julian Edelmann, Danny Amendola, and Jamie Collins. Collins was back to practice late this week, so with luck he'll be back for Philly.

    For Denver, notables are Peyton Manning, Demarcus Ware and Christian Ponder. Denver signed Ponder to play back up QB until Manning is back. So, why make him inactive? What happens if Osweiler gets hurt?

    Tony Corente is the ref. Al and Cris have the call.

    Go Pats!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    If I'm Denver, I double team Gronk and LaFell every down. I make Blount, or Harper, or White or Chandler beat me. Let's see what they do. I hope they don't cover Gronk at all!

    The game starts every snowy. NBC is sharing audio with a Spanish radio broadcast. I don't think they know it!

    Broncos P1: Start at the 18. Three and out. Nink started the drive off well by dropping Hillman for a 3 yard loss.

    Pats P1: Start at the Broncos 47. We rock the first drive. It's all Gronk and Jojo! 4 plays. 4 passes. All caught. 2 for Jojo for 15 yards. 2 for Gronk for 32 and a TD. 7-0 Pats. 11:24 left in the first.

    So far, Denver is single covering Jojo and Gronk. If they keep doing that, we'll be fine. (For those that don't know, Jojo is Brandon LaFell.)

    Broncos P2: Start at the 20. Three and out!

    After 5 minutes of game time, NBC realized they were sharing audio and fixed it. Thank you NBC!

    Pats P2: Start at the 49. Three and out. Chandler had two drops.

    Broncos P3: Start at the 12. Denver gets the first extended drive of the game. Anderson leads it off with 2 carries for 10 yards. Osweiler goes to the air. He finds Sanders for 22 and Latimer for 7. Anderson gets 7 and a first down. After Hillman gets 1, and Osweiler overthrows Thomas, they face 3rd and 8. Osweiler finds Fowler, who gets 8 and a half. Denver goes for it on 4th anf inches. They go empty and Osweiler keeps it and gets two. They then go back to Anderson. He gets two more carries for 8 yards. Before the 3rd and 2 play, Denver uses it's first timeout. After the timeout, we take advantage! Freeny sacks Osweiler for a 14 yard loss and they punt!

    Pats P3: Start at the 20. We get it to the second quarter. The drive starts with Wolfe sacking Brady for a loss of 4. But we get 17 on a pass to Gronk the next play! Blount gets his first touch. He gains 2, and TJ Ward and Syvester Williams hurt on the play. We finish the quarter with Brady finding Bolden for a gain of 13.

    Ward and Williams are both carted off.

    We go all air after the second starts. Brady goes to Cleveland for 1. He goes to Martin. It was incomplete but offsetting PIs on Talib and Gronk gave us a new second down. Brady missed White. He found Martin, but only for 8, and we punted.

    Broncos P4: Start at the 10 after unsportmanlike on Denver. Osweiler finds Davis for 6. Hillman gets nothing. And then...

    Sheard bats a pass into the air. Chandler Jones picks it off! Go Pats!

    Pats P4: Start at the Denver 15. We take advantage. The drive starts with Von Miller jumping offsides. That gave us first and 5. We go to White the next two plays. He runs for 1, and catches a pass for no gain. On 3rd and 4, Brady finds Chandler for a 9 yard TD!!! 14-0 Pats. 10:40 left in the half.

    Broncos P5: Start at the 20. Three and out!

    Pats P5: Start at the 24. Three and out. I'd like to see us try and run a little more.

    Louis Vasquez out with a groin injury.

    Broncos P6: Start at the 23. Denver puts together a nice drive. We start well as we stop Anderson for a 1 yard loss. But, Osweiler finds Daniels for 11 and a first down. They go back to the ground. Anderson gets two touches for 13 and a first. Hillman gets stopped for no gain. Osweiler goes to the air, and finds Sanders for 14. Hillman gets 3. Osweiler finds Daniels for 7 and the first down. Hillman goes off, then, getting two more carries for 28 and a TD. 14-7 Pats. 2:07 in the half.

    Dont'a Hightower is hurt. Questionable to return with a knee injury.

    Pats P6: Start at the 20. We give to Blount. He gets 2 and gets us to the two minute warning.

    After the warning, we keep it on the ground. 3 carries for Blount for 16 yards. White gets nothing on 3rd and 3 and Denver call timeout with 5 seconds left in the half. It's strange that they waited so long to call it. We call our first after they call thiers. Again, not sure why. We have Brady just throw a long pass to end the half.

    The snow is having an impact. We need to run more and control the Broncos run game. But, at the half, we are leading, on the road, in the snow. I'm satisfied with this half.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    All of the injured players (Hightower, Ward, Williams, Vasquez) are questionable to return.

    Pats P7: Start at the 20. 5 plays and a punt. We burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game. I'd have taken the 5 yards and saved the timeout.

    Broncos P7: Start at the 11. Long drive for Denver. It starts off with a drop by Thomas. Hillman gets two carries and gains 18. Thomas is missed with another pass. On 3rd and 8, Osweiler finds Anderson for 11. The Broncos get 15 more on a facemask call on Tavon Wilson.

    Thompson runs for 3. Brown sacks Osweiler for a loss of three. On 3rd and 10, Osweiler finds Sanders for 21. On the next play, we drop Hillman for a loss of two. Mathis is also called for holding. I'd have declined for 2nd and and 12, but BB took the penalty to give them 1st and 20. Osweiler finds Daniels for 10. The next two plays go to Thomas. One is defended by Ryan and the other is a throw away. They try a 48 yard FG and miss! It stays 14-7 Pats. 6:57 left in the third.

    Pats P8: Start at the 38. Three and out. Three carries for Bolden. He got 9 on first down, and then nothing on 2nd and 3rd. I'd have given at least one of those carries to Blount.

    Broncos P8: Start at the 3. Three and out! Thomas with a 3rd down drop!

    Pats P9: Start at the 35. Great punt. 5 plays and a punt. Somehow, they ran into Ryan Allen and there was no flag.

    Broncos P9: Start at the 18. Three and out!!!

    Pats P10: Start at the 35. We end the quarter with an incomplete pass to Chandler, and a 2 yard run by Bolden.

    I'm wondering about the play calling. We're only running inside, or throwing deep down the sidelines. We're not losing. Put a drive together. Take the 5 yard passes, eat some clock, extend the lead.

    Or I could be wrong! Brady to Bolden for a 63 yard TD!!!!! 21-7 Pats!! 14:50 left.

    Broncos P10: Start at the 20. Three and out! 14:26 left. Osweiler limping,

    Harper fumbles the punt. Denver recovers.

    Broncos P11: Start at the Pats 36. They take advantage. After missing Daniels on first down, they get in sync. Anderson gets 4. Osweiler finds Sanders for 15, and then Anderson gets 15 and a TD. 21-14 Pats. 12:34 left.

    We need a long drive here and at least 3 points. 7 would be better.

    Pats P11: Start at the 20. Three and out. 2 penalties on the line kill the drive. We lose a 51 yard catch by Martin because of holding on Jackson. 11:06 left.

    Where Is Jojo???? Since the first drive, LaFell has been invisible.

    Broncos P12: Start at the 45 after Denver fumbles the punt and recovers it. They move the ball smoothly. Hillman starts them off with two carries for 10 yards. Osweiler found Daniels for 11. After Hillman ran for 3, Osweiler finds Anderson for 21 and a first and goal at the 10. Anderson runs for 2, then Osweiler finds Caldwell for 5. They call timeout 1. After the timeout, Osweiler misses Thomas and they take the 21 yard FG. 21-17 Pats. 6:08 left.

    Both teams have two timeouts left. We need a drive. Stop with the homerun sideline tries (we're 1 of 7), and just drive the ball downfield and eat the clock. Don't give this away!

    Pats P12: Start at the 20. Three and out. We convers 3rd and 5 with a pass to Gronk. But, Gronk is called for OPI - a terrible call - and on the redo, a guy leaps into the air to slam Brady down, after the pass is thrown, and no flag.

    Terrible officiating, for the first time tonight, and *again* at a critical spot on a prime time game.

    Broncos P13: Start at the 37. Three and out! 4:12 left. Denver used a timeout. They have one left, we have two.

    Pats P13: Start at the 25. We start with a Blount run for 1. Brady then finds Gronk for 14 and a first down at the 40. On the next play, he goes back to Gronk. It's incomplete, Gronk was hurt, and he gets carted off. 2:49 left.

    To the Denver fans credit, they give him an ovation.

    After the injury, we miss Chandler, then find Jojo for 7. Denver takes TO3. We punt. 2:31 left.

    Broncos P14: Start at the 17. The find Thomas for 36 and get to the two minute warning. They'll be at our 47 after the warning.

    Osweiler misses Thomas, and then finds Sanders for 39. That gave them first and goal. Osweiler runs out of bounds. On second down, Branch sacks him at the 19. However, holding. Chung. Just like OPI on Gronk there is no foul!!! First and goal, Denver. They finish with a TD pass to Caldwell. 24-21 Denver. 1:09 left.

    Pats P14: Start at the 20. Brady finds Chandler for 23. We have a throw away. Brady finds Chandeler for 10. Malik Jackson was hurt. Corente gives Denver an officials timeout, and then runs the clock!! He steals 10 secons from us. But, Brady finds Jojo, and he gets out of bounds. Steven makes the 47 yard FG. 24-24. OT.

    In the last 5 minutes Corrente's crew:

    1. Called a phantom OPI that cost us a first down;
    2. Failed to call blantant roughin the passer on the very next play;
    3. Called a hold on Chung that never happened and erased a sack, leading to a TD on the next play; and
    4. Failed to properly control the running of the clock at the end of the game.

    The least accurate crew in the NFL made 4 huge errors in the last 5 minutes of a primetime game!

    When will Dean Blandino be fired?

    Pats P15: Start at the 20. Three and out. On the first down play, Talib holds Jojo. Clearly. No flag.

    5 screw ups in 5:57 game time.

    Denver P15: Start at the 43. Anderson gets 2, Osweiler finds Daniels for 7, and then Anderson goes to the house.

    Denver wins.

    Thanks to a lot of help from the refs. Corente's crew decided this game. Period. It's absolutely rediculous that again a prime time game is decided by terrible officiating.

    Of course, since Goodell cares about the 'integrity of the game' he'll address it. Fire Blandino and some refs. Oh, wait, he won't.

    NBC should give a game ball to Corrente.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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