BY my standards, Dennis Thurman calls a soft game, Greg Roman a predictable and mistimed one, Danny Crossman a lousy one, and Rex Ryan an iffy one.

1. Thurman: Buffalo's defense didn't play well until he got aggressive. Again. Hmmmmm.
2. Roman: 3rd and 7, All of the receivers run 3 yard in routes. Not even slants! They run into coverage way too much, a la the Run To Get Covered offense under Gregg Williams. The tricky Canadian League motions and odd feints with QB positioning? Doesn't confuse anybody, and cost one first down via illegal motion penalty. Just two examples.
3. Crossman: Once again, nothing in the return game, and too much given in the kicking game.
4. Ryan: This team does not have a handle on situational football, they don't understand the clock, and they are wicked undisciplined on the snap.

They won't improve. Replace 'em. I almost don't care with whom.

Also, Rookie RG John Miller and his multiplicity of penalties and bad beats has a weird Snowpiercer tic before the snap. It slows the whole offense and is a pretty easy tell on the snap count. It's been a few months now, and it is time he stops.