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Thread: Article: Water Cooler: Black Monday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Williams View Post
    Former Bucs GM Mark Dominik feels like Lovie Smith was fired because the Bucs were afraid the offense would fall off if OC Dirk Koetter left to take another job. He fully expects that Koetter will soon be named as Smith's replacement.

    That answers my biggest question about the firing, because while Lovie is not the best coach for a young QB, Koetter is a pretty well-respected OC, and the combo gave Tampa a quality all-around coaching staff. There are too many bad coaches to get rid of a good coach for no reason. If they wanted to get rid of Lovie, it seems like it would have made more sense to do it last year.

    But if they liked Koetter's work with the offense, and wanted to keep continuity but were afraid he'd leave, then keeping Koetter at Lovie Smith's expense makes a decent amount of sense.
    If that is Tampa's reasoning, then give Koetter a significant pay bump, and reevaluate your situation in a year. I think this makes little sense. Because while Koetter is a respective OC, I see nothing that says you should get rid of a coach who many of the players like and work well with (includng Winston) on a team that seems to be improving.

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    Gase has taken the Dolphins job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
    Gase has taken the Dolphins job.
    And Jay Cutler once again looses offensive continuity.

    On the plus side, Jay Cutler got a coach a job...
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