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Thread: Laurence Maroney

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    Laurence Maroney

    Which of Denver's running backs will be cut to make room? My guess is Buckhalter after his fumble on Sunday. No huge gain or loss here. Hopefully a change of scenery for Maroney will spark something that will surprise all of us.

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    Buckhalter will likely be your 3rd string guy.

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    I gotta say I don't understand the Maroney acquisition - wasn't Moreno drafted in the first round to be the go to guy? Otherwise, why spend a first round pick on a RB when it's a position you can traditionally plug in 6th round, 7th round, undrafted free agents into...

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    This is McDaniels trying to become the Patroits right off the bat. He doesn't give his players a chance. It just bugs me how he went into Denver got rid of anyone he doesn't like, even though most were his best players, and then started from scratch. A good coach when hired by Denver would of first and foremost contact Marshall and Cutler and tell them the vision he has for them instead of making them castoffs.

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    Buckhalter is usually great when he plays, but he is a walking injury and will most definitely be hurt by week 9. Enter the trade for Maroney. Maroney will serve as the short yardage-goal line back for now. When Buckhalter does get hurt, Maroney will be the primary back-up to Knowshon Moreno.

    It was a great pickup because: Maroney and McDaniels already have a relationship, New England wanted to be rid of him, and most importantly to McDaniels, Maroney already knows the playbook (having played in the system for 5 years). Low risk, high reward trade for Denver.

    To answer the original question: Andre Brown, recently acquired from the Giants, was cut to make room for Maroney.

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