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Thread: JPP Sues ESPN, Shefty

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    JPP Sues ESPN, Shefty

    We have (Ahem, darvon) broached the idea of how some of this information gets out and legality of it all. It seems that a player is finally stepping up to the plate to fight these things.

    Should be an interesting case, if it goes anywhere (though a settlement is probably likely). I would expect it to be undisclosed and in the millions on behalf of ESPN. I have no idea how Shefty plays out in this.

    The SI story:
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  2. Evidently there is a Florida statute which may work in JPP's favor.

    From PFT:

    The civil complaint filed in a Florida state court in Miami (and posted by Deadspin) alleges that ESPN and Schefter violated Florida Statute 456.057 by disclosing the medical record obtained from the hospital where Pierre-Paul had a finger amputated. Specifically, Section 456.057(11) states that a third party who receives a patient’s medical record “is prohibited from further disclosing any information in the medical record without the expressed written consent of the patient or the patient’s legal representative.”
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    If the above is true then ESPN will be cutting him a nice check.


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