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Thread: Kaepernick Demands Trade

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    Kaepernick Demands Trade

    So late last week after both Baalke and Chip Kelly expressed their certainty that Kaeper would remain a 49'er his team announced that he wants out of San Francisco...thus destroying any leverage the Niners had in trade value.
    Once upon a time players wanted to come to San Francisco because it was well documented how well the franchise treated it's players, player families and employees. Now the star QB is so desperate to get out of town that he is willing to tear up an $11,000,000 contract.

    For what it's worth...I really loved watching Kaeper play but his press conference antics were sad, unprofessional and uncalled for. And deep down I'm not sure that Blaine Gabbert won't be a better fit with Chip Kelly than Kaeper would be anyway.

    So who exactly would want Kaeper? I could see him fitting in well with the Broncos. He says he wants to be a Jet but I just don't think he could handle the NY media. That sounds like a disaster.
    If the 49'ers success offends be it.

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    Although it would incredibly difficult for me to watch I think it would be the best drama for Kaeper to go to the Lamb Chops.
    If the 49'ers success offends be it.

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    He's never been a great NFL starter. He got by on his legs but he's so raw passing. Once he faced foes with quick linebackers, he folded. He'll float around for 2-3 years and then have a nice run with a team once their starter goes down.
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