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Thread: Josh Gordon is at it again

  1. Josh Gordon is at it again

    Word on the street has suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon failing another drug test. The drug in question is, apparently, marijuana (again).

    So much for that reunion with fellow Baylor teammate QB RGIII.

    As a Lions fan, I lived through Charles Rogers' tumultuous career. I feel for Browns fans. This young dude just can't get it together.
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    This would have been perfect for reviving the "least surprising sports story" thread. Charles Rogers is an good comparison for sheer talent wasted and overall stupidity, but I think it is funny that Gordon will never play football again because he does something that is at least partially legal in so many states. Either way, he clearly can't follow the rules and shouldn't be allowed to play. The league is a privilege, not a right.
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    So, obviously, Gordon is a moron. We can have a conversation about whether or how heavily the league should regulate players' use of weed, and that's fine, but they do and you kind of need to follow the rules, Josh. It seems that this happened/will happen:

    --Josh Gordon submitted a dilluted urine sample which still contained traces of marijuana.
    --The league wants him to pass drug tests for sixty-to-ninety days before coming to a decision on reinstatement.
    --All this is coming out as ESPN is reporting that Gordon is livng with former Browns QB Johnny Manziel.

    So, I do have some technical questions here. Is the submitting a dilluted sample basically the same thing Von Miller was popped for (or for attempting)? Is Gordon subject to testing under the old or new testing standards? Or is any trace unacceptable because he's in Stage 3 of the substance abuse program?

    I mean, I don't really care if the dude ever plays again, because the Browns obviously can't count or plan around that. I don't know if he exactly has a problem with marijuana, because I'm not sure there's any consensus on what that means. This is not to make excuses for him—about which more in a moment—but just to point out how fuzzy this all is. I'm given to understand that marijuana does not create a chemical dependency, and yet some people clearly allow it to run their lives. I don't know if Gordon fits into that category, or he simply ends up alone and unhappy at times and decides to seek comfort in something he knows. (Or, possibly, with friends, who knows?)

    Anyway, in interviews, he's always seemed like a thoughtful enough guy who was fairly intelligent, at least intelligent enough to find a job doing something in Colorado if that's really what he wants to do with his life. (And, hey, it's his life, not mine.) Cleveland is full of idiotic local sports guys, but one touched on the thing that probably is the bigger issue here: whenever Gordon fails one of these tests, he never says, 'I ****** up,' he says, 'There was a miscommunication.' Miscommunications happen, sure, but with this much at stake and after so many alleged miscommunications, if you care, you really need to make understanding the rules a priority. He's clearly lying to himself about something, I just don't know exactly what it is.
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    Evidence of dilution is considered a positive test (EDIT: So, to answer the question, "Yes." However, it's slightly different acts with the same conclusion). The only "miscommunication" possible here is that Gordon did weed and then worked out constantly up until the time his test was scheduled and thus needed to constantly consume water. He probably would have been better off just trying The Whizzinator.

    If Gordon and Manziel are living together, it makes sense. They will have a lot of fun, enable each other so they never have to self reflect, and will never play football again. Then they can get high and shank golf balls around the course behind Johnny's parents' house.

    It's sad and we can only hope they don't end up hurting others. (Oh, wait.....)
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