I am on record as having limited faith in Doug Whaley, so I wouldn't put something like Pacton Lynch past him. This is more to do with some players I have noticed recently and quarterbacks don't count because Doogie is an idiot.

1. Darron Lee. I think his NFL position is the same one Jerry Hughes plays for Buffalo and they won't try to replace him this year, so no first round pick there.
2. Noah Spence. Same.
Really that is about it.

Now for guys I hope they don't take in the first round:

1. Reggie Ragland. He is Brandon Spikes, would cost more, and would have a learning curve. Not a wise use of resources. No first round picks on guys who cannot play every down.
2. Jarrah Reed. I don't want to spend first round money and implied playing time on a guy who cannot rush the passer from the defensive line, i.e., a two down player much like Ragland. Especially when New England and the Jets are prone to throwing on first and second down. Again an unwise use of resources.
3. Laquon Treadwell. If there is no real difference between two players, I say take the one at a position where you are weaker. In this draft the defensive linemen are good enough that no receiver should be taken by Buffalo in the first round. None of THEM is obviously so good that he will be a difference maker, with the possible exception of Braxton Miller. I also think Corey Coleman is next best.
4. Vernon Hargreaves. Doesn't look like a strong tackler and if you aren't Deion Sanders, you are not a first round cornerback if you are not a strong tackler. For me, anyway.
5. Myles Jack. I know he won't last until 19, but his highlights remind me of Michael Huff and Donte Whitner. Doesn't finish tackles.