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Thread: A report feature.

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    A report feature.

    The spammer in one of the topics today made me notice the site doesn't have a report button. As the site grows its gonna be much more time consuming for you to go through the topics and find abusive posts. I was thinking just something small like a flag this post feature that registered members can click to let you know that X person was using bad language or just making racist remarks etc. That way the members can help you police the forum.

    Just a thought, maybe you have a better way of handling it
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  2. Thnaks Ninernightmare. I will point this out to Andy. So far the tone has been great, but I am not foolish enough to believe that I can keep it under control forever.

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    You're correct, it's desperately needed. I'm working on it today, hopefully have something by tomorrow.

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    Yea I have a running bet right now to see when the first "clown" comes in here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouBoys View Post
    Yea I have a running bet right now to see when the first "clown" comes in here.
    Oh, he was already here! I gave him a few "Child Please"s and he left haha
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    I will back that up. The Milkman brought the heat. Of course it didn't hurt that Andy was on that guy like secret service.
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    I'm just really hoping that this doesn't degenerate like so many of the other major site chat boards have. To this point I've really enjoyed the back and forth and discussions because people are actually bringing good points and their own perspective from across the country to it. A report button would help us self-police it and keep everything on the up and up on here.
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    There is a report button now. Small black triangle under each post.

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