1. Shaq Lawson. OK.
2. Reggie Ragland. They already have him. His name is Preston Brown, and he is a liability in pass coverage. Now they get another. Yay. Also, doesn't finish tackles by getting the ballcarrier down so much as try to hit them really had. I am not in favor of that strategy. Bonus, they gave up a couple of fourth rounders to get him. Do not draft 2-down players high, especially when the offenses in your division know how to pass on first and second down, with strong run-fake skills.
3. Adolphus Washington. Gigantic waste of a roster spot. If you go to the Highlights video on the Bills website, they show a Senior Bowl practice. Why? Because his two college games with anything resembling good performance are against MAC teams, most of whom have fewer than 2 future professional offensive linemen on their rosters. This is annoying.

I feel like Debbie Downer, but Jiminy Crickets, I have no faith in Doug Whaley. Bonus, he said this morning that fourth through seventh round is where they will start to reach for guys to fill positions where they need depth this year. Exciting times.