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Thread: NOW is it time to panic in Dallas?

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    I'm with Turk on this, I don't think you can put this on Wade. He isn't playing the game. I was watching some highlights this morning and on run plays the Cowboys line was so high in their pads I thought they partied with Mike Vick before the game. That's some of the worst pad level you'll ever see, and these guys are pros. On a run play off right guard the left tackle stood up at the snap, and so did the left guard. That's high school.
    This falls on Jerry Jones. It's a situation he created. A passing remark made by one of the ex players on Countdown really hit me like a bolt out of the blue. Jerry creates all this atmosphere, it's all up here with his team, up in the stratosphere. It's the Cowboys. America's Team in all their glory and that's how he markets it. But football is won down low, in the trenches, in the dirt. It's an intriguing metaphor, and strangely it also show up on tape.

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    You very well could be right; Jerry Jones has a part to play in the mess unfolding in Big D. Even if that's the case, though, the sad truth of the matter is this: Coaches come and go, but owners don't budge, regardless of how badly they're affecting their team. Just look at Al Davis for proof of that. In order for an owner to be forced out, he has to single-handedly be responsible for destroying every positive aspect of a team and reduce them to nothing. And with the exception of Matt Millen, that just doesn't happen. The owner is always the first to know, and the last to go.
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    Jerry Jones would be served to take a long hard look at Al Davis, because he has been approaching that territory rapidly. We have drafted well but so many personnel decisions in trades and via free agency have been boneheaded mistakes that would be less likely to happen if someone served as General Manager. Jerry needs to relinquish personnel decisions to someone else and stop trying to scout things himself. His son was supposedly being groomed for this position but it never happened.

    On Monday were several reports out of Dallas from players saying there were internal problems with the men in the locker room. Poor habits in practice, underestimating opponents, lack of discipline and professionalism. Gerald Sensabaugh, Terrence Newman, and Marcus Spears all made comments about people not knowing what's going on, and that the coaches were unaware of the issues. I don't know if it's all true, but this could be sign of a big storm brewing up in JerryWorld.

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