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Thread: How I think Buffalo's draft picks will fit:

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    How I think Buffalo's draft picks will fit:

    The team shill, Chris Brown, did it. I am at least as qualified.

    1. Shaq Lawson. Will start at LDE/LOLB, or whatever Rex RyAn wants to call it. He will mostly lone up on the left side and will drop into zone coverage too often. When he does Tom Brady and his ilk will target him. As a pass rusher he will do OK. Probably six or seven sacks, twice as many hurries.

    2. Will get eaten alive on play action. Cost the team four or five big third down conversions per game against quality QBs. Will be good against the run and as a too-occasional blitzer.

    3. When he does get on the field he will be embarrassed. His super-quick feet (the aforementioned Chris Brown has not shut up about them) will do him little good because he is so slow off the ball. His tendency to get directed by blockers will inflate the tackle opportunities for the LB and DB groups. Until Kyle Williams gets injured he won't see much time, but in any case he will be behind Corbin Bryant in the rotation at least the last twelve games.

    4. Cardale Jones. Might leapfrog Manuel. If he does then Tyrod Taylor better run OB every time he moves. This kid is going to really stink if he has to play in the next three years. After that? I think he will still stink.

    5. Jonathan Williams. Have looked at his college highlights. Only one of his highlight reel touchdowns would have gained three or more yards in NFL. He will not break and evade professional tackles the way he did in college. Nothing elusive or explosive, and doesn't play the angles the way Fred Jackson did. They will try to get him chances to beat out Gillislee, but he will perform no better. Lack of experience on kicking teams suggests he might not excel there, either. Will also get injured early, opening roster spot for mini-Gronkowski.

    6. Kolby Listenbee. Will be no better than Marquise Goodwin though a touch slower, and when they try to do the same thing with him, using him over the middle to "set up" long passes, will get injured. He will however take Goodwin's roster spot.

    7. Kevon Seymour. Wil, replace Ron Brooks in every way. Fast, but not explosive, will be targeted when injuries get him on the field, and will be on kicking teams until he gets injured. Taller Ron Brooks.

    UDFA bonus. There are a couple. Also, I owe an apology. When I consulted the team website I discovered John Murphy did this projection. He is alright.

    I still can't stand Chris Brown.

    He addressed these guys:

    1. Eric Striker. LB will make team and contribute on kicking teams. Better than Ragland in coverage but the coaches won't believe it.

    2. Keith Lumpkin. Built Like Cyrus Kouandjio but might be able to play. Will replace Kouandjio.

    3. Robert Kugler. Will be interior swing on final roster. Will be good. Will replace Eric Wood in a year or two.

    4. Glenn Gronkowski. Will get the roster spot they want to give to Jonathan Williams. Will last no more than two years.
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