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The NFL caught a huge break with Denver-Carolina. The media so fixated on 'was the protocol followed with 45 seconds left in the game', that they did not focus on 'Why was the officiating so bad in a second straight Carolina/Denver game?" And much like the Super Bowl, it was bad on both sides. There were flags picked up for strange reasons, there were the non called on the hits against Cam, and then there was the grounding.

Ok, technically, it was grounding. But, just three days later, while not even trying to get out of the pocket, Wilson throws a duck that doesn't get within 5 yards of the LOS, and there is no grounding flag.

The fact that Cam does not get the same calls as every other QB needs to be the only thing Rivera talks about. I'd like to see him tell the media 'Until you give the mugging of the defending MVP the same focus you gave deflategate, I will not answer any questions."

And why were there no suspensions given to Denver? The last hit, the one that was called, was a pure spearing H2H. That should be a 5 game suspension. At least. (Given Bell and Brady's suspensions of 3 and 4 games for less serious things).
I had to listen to Denver/Indy on my phone, and the Colts announcer has made a career out of griping about the refs, so I kind of tune it out, but the Broncos will continue to do it until people get ejected and/or suspended. What the refs allowed them to do to Cam Newton was deplorable. I agree that Riviera should have spent less time defending the protocols and more time excoriating the NFL and its officials for refusing to call late/helmet to helmet and then offsetting the one they did call. I suppose the coaches talk mainly about what the organization does/doesn't want them to discuss.