ESPN has a decent article on Belichick up. It's the sort with a lot of quotes, people telling stories and some of them are really good. So, I'm going to share.

This one made me tear up a little:

Jon Robinson (Patriots Scout, 2002-09, and Director of College Scouting, 2009-13): "After my daughter was diagnosed at 6 with Type 1 diabetes, a week later on my desk there was a little teddy bear, with a Belichick hoodie on it. And he had written a little note: 'I know this doesn't cure it, but just something for Taylor to know we are thinking about her and praying for her.' She knew it was from Coach. She named her bear Hoodie."

The next two really made me laugh:

Kevin Faulk (Patriots Running Back, 1999-2011): "When he first got to New England, for almost three years I'd see Bill in the hallway going to breakfast at the facility. Now, I'm from Louisiana. I don't care who you are, I'm going to say 'Good morning, how you doing? How's everything today?' But for the longest time I'd walk right past Coach Belichick, say 'Good morning!' and I'd get nothing back. Nothing. I said good morning to him for years. Then, one day I said it and he finally looked up and said, 'Good morning, Kevin,' and so I reached out and I stopped him, and he was like, 'Whoa, whoa, Kevin, what are you doing? What's wrong?' And I said, 'You said good morning! Do you know how long I've been saying good morning to you and you haven't said a word?' He just says, 'Aw, Kevin, my bad' and walks away."

Matt Cassel (Patriots Quarterback, 2005-08): My rookie year, I got crushed in the back by a corner blitz against the Giants. We're playing them the next year in the last preseason game. He asks me, 'OK, Cassel, what front do they like to bring the corner blitz from?' I had looked it up the night before, anticipating it. I said, 'Coach, it's an over.' And he goes, 'Brady?' Well, you know immediately when he goes to the next guy: 'Oh, no. Oh, no.' And Brady says, 'An under.' And he goes, 'Brady's right. I don't want to have to send your mother another note that says, 'Dear Mrs. Cassel, we regret to inform you that your son got killed being a dumbass.'"

These reminded me of Parcells:

Aqib Talib (Patriots Cornerback, 2012-13): "Once, in practice, Brady threw a seam ball that was intercepted, and Bill, man, he chewed Tom out, saying, 'You got 130 career interceptions,' or whatever it was, 'and half of them are on this route. You keep doing the same s--- over and over and this is what happens.' Right then you know two things about the Patriots and Bill Belichick: Everybody is treated the same, and you better get your s--- together."

Kevin Faulk: "I loved when Bill would yell at Tom Brady and say, 'Hey, Tom, I could go get the quarterback at Foxborough High to do it better than that.'"