This week, the Pats released Jonathan Cooper. As you may recall he was part of the trade that the Pats and Cardinals made in the offseason.

The Pats traded Chandler Jones (mostly for salary cap reasons since Jones, Hightower, Butler and Collins are all in the last year of rookie deals this season, and we couldn't expect to resign all four). We got Cooper and a second round pick.

During the draft we traded that second round pick to the Saints for two picks, a third and a fourth.

The third round pick became guard Joe Thuney. He took advantage of a Cooper injury in preseason to take Cooper's job.
The fourth round pick became wideout Malcolm Mitchell. He played very well in the preseason, and while limited in the regular season so far, he could see success with TB12 being back, epecially if Jules or Danny misses time.

Still, at this point, Arizona won that trade. That could change if Chandler doesn't resign with Arizona in the offseason. It is disappointing that Cooper failed to get onto the field for us.