Six weeks in and the Bills feel better than after week #2 for sure. My bullet-point thoughts at this stage:

- The Defense is solid; losing Mario Williams is paying huge benefits in attitude and year #2 of Rex is starting to show benefits.
- The D could even improve with players coming back from injury.
- Tyrod is not very good, yet. Maybe he will now slowly improve due to the simplification implemented by Lynn.
- Biggest change in the O I see is McCoy is darting upfield through gaping holes instead of outside, where he would juke and jive for one or two yards.
- Whaley is very good at off-season pickups and even trades; he's horrible at drafts. If he can figure that out, he could be an effective GM.
- Losing Sammy is such a minor negative given overall passing ability of the team.
- I like the clubhouse vibe. I think they'll score a wild card this year!

Those are my two (Canadian) cents.