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Thread: 2017 Bengals Free Agency

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    Seems like a good signing. I thought he played well last year. It will be interesting to see him with a year in the system.

    It's also one of those signings that allows the Bengals to draft BPA. They aren't locked into needing a receiver early, but the two year deal means they still can draft a receiver early if they really like a guy.

    agreed. Gives you flexibility in this year's draft, but doesn't lock you into a longterm contract for a guy who just turned 30 4 months ago.

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    LaFell la first as Bengals agree to 2-year deal

    Posted 5 hours ago

    Brandon LaFell caught the Bengals' two-year deal Wednesday.

    With the free agency signing period set to begin Thursday at 4 p.m., the Bengals got one in Wednesday when wide receiver Brandon LaFell agreed to a two-year deal believed to max out at $10 million.

    LaFell is on a list of their own free agents they have targeted, headed by Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth, starting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, and starting right guard Kevin Zeitler, as well as running back Rex Burkhead. According to reports the first three have all had interest from other clubs and they can start signing and/or visiting those other teams at 4 p.m. Thursday. It’s believed the Bengals have also been part of those talks.

    Also getting play elsewhere is long-time nose tackle Domata Peko, linked to the Vikings and old friend Mike Zimmer. The Bengals would like Peko to return, but most likely at a reduced rate as they groom Andrew Billings, last year’s fourth-rounder.

    LaFell, 30, was everything the Bengals envisioned when they signed him last season about a month after the Patriots cut him. With Pro Bowler A.J. Green (hamstring tear) on the shelf for the last seven games, LaFell finished with 64 catches for 862 yards and six touchdowns. It virtually matched the 65 catches, 816 yards, and four touchdowns wide receiver Marvin Jones had in 2015 before he left via free agency.

    The Bengals also covet LaFell’s enormous intangibles. Wide receivers coach James Urban is fond of telling a story about a week last season when Green and other receivers were out of a Wednesday practice. LaFell, who wasn’t in the morning walk-through because of a sore knee, saw the low numbers and suited up for the practice.
    Reached en route to a Pro Day Wednesday night, Urban happily welcomed back his most experienced receiver. Despite other suitors, LaFell let it be known he wanted to play for Urban and with Green and didn't let the process play out very long.

    "What he did this year caught notice around the league," Urban said. "He's got the respect of everybody who walks around this building. He wants to be here and aren't those the guys we want? He's just a solid guy and a solid player who is great for the locker room and great for my room."

    LaFell joins Green as a mentor for the emerging next generation of receivers in last year's rookies Tyler Boyd and Cody Core and what is expected to be at least one receiver in this year's draft. But it was pretty clear why he re-signed.

    "Now we've got to win," said Urban of what LaFell told him when the deal was done.

    The Bengals are also hoping to bring back their most noted locker room leader in Whitworth, linked to the Broncos. They look to be trying to fend off their division rivals for Kirkpatrick and Zeitler. The Steelers, along with the Titans, are reportedly pursuing Kirkpatrick and the Browns, along with the Jaguars, are stalking Zeitler.
    The Bengals apparently won’t announce the LaFell deal until Thursday.

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    Zeitler to the Browns per Schefter. Highest paid guard in NFL history

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    Adam Schefter‏Verified account

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    Cleveland plans to give Kevin Zeitler a five-year, $60 million deal that includes $31.5 million guaranteed, per source.

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    That's a lot of money for a not left tackle.

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    Browns have gone all in on the O-line... hope they can't get a QB

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    Here we go comp picks, here we go!

    If only the goal of our favorite team was to improve and not amass comp picks.

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    I'm really feeling they have no idea what to do as a plan B. Seems like the plan was to resign Whit and Dre then claim they are out of money. Theyhave to get Dre to save face, but where do they spend the other $$$? Probably gives them an excuse to not cut Pacman/Maualuga, or overpay to bring back "leader" Peko.

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    Rams have committed $60M to Zeitler and $51 to Joel Bitonio. That's a helluva lot for 2 guards.

    Maybe they will release John Greco, who is 31 but was a solid player for them when Bitonio got hurt.

    One other thing... haven't heard anything about Rex, but I really hope they re-sign him. I think he fits them with his,versatility, but he may want more playing time elsewhere.

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    BTW, maybe they haven't released Rey because they're considering a position change for him to G.

    He's carried that much weight before, he likes the physical aspect of the game and playing downhill, and since he won't have to cover the pass or diagnose plays, some of his weaknesses won't be exploited.


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