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Thread: Alexander basically confirms Smith is the starting RG

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    It's a classy move. We'll see how that goes. The tweet video Ced posted suggested he's getting after it in the weight room. For me, it's the mindset he needs to work on.
    Him pulling the guys on the sled (over slippery turf, no less), gets a big yawn from me. However, seeing him doing Pilates has me excited. This guy lacked the basic core strength necessary to anchor. Nothing better for the core than Pilates, which can literally transform a human being. I'm hopeful.

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    “We think he can be a big, powerful guy in there,” said Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander Thursday. “We think he has chance to be a really good player for us there.”

    Alexander sees a very quick learning curve.

    “It helps he’s been on the right side his whole time in pro football,” Alexander said. “He’s taking the coordination of proper footwork on that side along with the proper hands and pivoting on the proper angles. So that will help him. He knows the system, the techniques, and should be able to pick it up pretty quickly. He’s one of the most powerful men in the league. I think with all those big defensive tackles and nose guards we face, he’s kind of a good remedy.”

    Alexander has long thought Smith’s size and athleticism are special. It’s why he encouraged drafting Smith at No. 6 in the first round.

    “He’s a good offensive line athlete,” Alexander said. “He’s not going to run the decathlon or anything, but he gets off the ball well and moves in space well.”

    The Bengals have had their share of massive guards. (Hello, Bobbie Williams) and it’s not the first time Alexander has found guys to do double duty. Whitworth, on the left, and Stacy Andrews (on the right) both started at guard before starting at tackle with Whitworth doing it for eight seasons and Andrews for the one season before they drafted Smith.

    Smith’s right guard was the huge and powerful Bobbie Williams and their sizes are similar.

    “Bobbie was a little thicker man and Andre probably has better foot movement,” Alexander said.


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