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Lol not surprising. As much as everyone I knew wanted to be Bobby Orr growing up (me included) Derek was the man - long hair, flashy clothes, women. He was something.

Had a rough life but it seems like he's turned it around a bit. But he was full throttle for awhile.
I think I was 12 when the rubber chicken incident happened. I remember weeks later the Bruins would be playing an away game against the Rangers or the Maple Leafs and the stands would be filled with 30k enemy fans waving rubber chickens. Can't say I've ever seen anything like it before or since. I once heard him described by an announcer as the only 175lb man to ever live who could and would fight anyone and never lose a fight. And they weren't wrong, he'd fight anyone, including a teammate. Rumor was the Bruins had to trade him after he beat up the team captain after a loss. Or how about the time he beat up three so-called Flyer enforcers one at a time in a playoff game? Told the press before the game in what order he was going to fight them and then did. Then taunted their bench afterwards. Plus, he was part owner on Bachelors3, the nightclub he shared with Joe Namath and others.

Yeah, I admit it. Who didn't want to be that guy?