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Thread: Snapped back to reality

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    Snapped back to reality

    There goes the undefeated season. It was a fun 2 weeks we had as a surprise team, but we all knew it was a mirage. Wins are wins no matter who they are over, but the writing was on the wall when those 2 are against the Browns and Panthers. It just hurts more against a team like Pittsburgh and a QB like Charlie Batch. What had hurt us the first 2 weeks (the big play) really killed us in week 3. Now we get a chance to regroup and see what this team really can be this year. And to tell you the truth, it looks pretty bright. Now going into the bye 3-0 would have been great, I think this team needed a punch in the mouth. I look over the remaining schedule and I see the possibility for 7 more wins and a 9-7 season. And that's not really stretching it. We have very winnable games at the Bengals Cardinals and 49ers. Also winnable games at home against the Rams, Panthers, Lions and Seahawks. That's 7 more wins without even throwing in a possible split with either the Saints or Falcons or both and who really knows about the Redskins right now? As much as that game on Sunday hurt to watch I think we are close. We have to tighten up the big plays, can't let em happen that often. Also run defense has looked good up until last week, so I think it was more of a product of the Steelers being up than a huge weakness. Also I'd like to see more of LeGarrette Blount in the backfield. He is the kind of straight ahead runner this offense needs.
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    You guys ran into a freight train Sunday. I think your team is playing better than a lot of people expected and there are still a lot of positives to be happy about. Freeman looks like he will eventually be a legit starter in this league, and you have good young talent on offense. Things are looking up in Tampa.

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    If your over/under on Bucs' wins this year is 9, I'm betting heavily on the under. Even at 2-1, the Bucs are a bit of a mirage. Their offense is 27th and the defense is 19th. The 2 teams they beat are a combined 0-6. They barely beat the Browns at home and got crushed by the Steelers. The Bengals, Cards and 49ers aren't good teams right now, but all 3 will be at home. I would be surprised if they went 2-1 against those 3 teams. The Bucs have made progress and are headed in the right direction, but I will be surprised if they win more than 7 (maybe 8 if the Saints take week 17 off again, but I don't see that happening). Of course I've been surprised before. I had the Jets and Bengals with losing records last year and they both made the playoffs.

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    I agree that 9-7 is best case scenario that probably wont happen, but it is not out of the realm of possibility if everything breaks the right way. Even at 7-9, what an improvement over what we saw on the field last year. We see a group of guys who are buying into the system and becoming a team right before our eyes. Like I've said in a post before this team is being built the right way, through smart drafts and not blowing through the salary cap so we have the money to keep these guys down the road. I think the Bucs will be a team on the rise this year and next year will battle for a playoff spot in a very tough division.
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    9-7 sounded like a bet but without Tanard Jackson, we gotta have Russ Grimm step up big time and not give up a big play like last week

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    I'm not ready to call it quits yet.. the Race to 10 is still on... like WordsWorth just said, Tampa Bay ran into a Freight Train that day. The offense is still rolling along just fine. Prior to the Steelers scoring 14 unanswered points, the Bucs were moving the ball pretty well. Does the Tanard suspension hurt like crazy yes, but outside of those first 2 series, Cody Grimm played well the rest of the game. The D as a whole regressed that game but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet.. the NFC South could be wide open this year, Freeman is still playing at a high level, Mike Williams has been everything Bucs could ask for and let's see which D plays for the rest of the season, one in first 2 games or 1 in Pittsburg game, normally not a fan of early bye weeks but this one came just perfectly in order to set the mood for rest of season after that beat down
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    Most important thing Bucs fans have learned, they have a quarterback. Like Detroit with Stafford (and Hill), and the surprising Rams with the rook, nailing down the quarterback position give you a big jump up in the division. Winning seven games would not discourage me if you think how the team looked at the start of the '09 season.

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    After watching games this week, I'm not so sure there is a big difference between the Bucs and the Falcons and Saints. I think we are going to be one of those teams that doesn't play the prettiest games, but with the late season success last year and early success this year I think we find a way to pull out the close game. Just need to tighten up on those big plays that we've given up every week and we will be fine. Much better time to be a Bucs fan than it was last year at this time.
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