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Thread: I didnt plan to discuss it

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    I didnt plan to discuss it

    But a bunch of non-sports fans I know are reacting on social media to the death of the gang banger who played for New England. They are collectively equating it with the deaths of Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, et al, and wondering whether his crimes and subsequent "suicide" might be a byproduct of CTE. I am having trouble holding my tongue for fear of being labeled a mansplainer, but hominy crickets. Wasn't he an active gang member from about the age of 12 whose football prowess gave him a pass on some of the more mundanely criminal activities usually required of gang members? He killed Odin Lloyd because Lloyd had hinted at rolling on him for the murders he was acquitted of, didn't he? He was just a violent, murdering criminal as best I can recall.

    I use the quotes because I do not trust any initial ruling of suicide in a prison.

    Related: Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News today put me off my next ten lunches by suggesting that Doug Whaley might draft a an in the first round this year.
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    This goes back to one of George Carlin's sayings that I like to spout out:

    "Think of the dumbest person you know. Half of the rest are dumber than that."
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