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Thread: Draft Bold Predictions-Bengals

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    So this isn't meant to be regarding specific players but more just concepts.


    I think most of us will be more excited about our 2nd rounder than our 1st. I think our 1st will be a little of a reach and our second will be a steal.

    In the first 3 rounds there will be a guy available that most of us here want, and will pass on him.

    At some point in the middle rounds we will pick someone that makes a lot of us say "who?".

    We won't draft a kicker.

    We draft a CB in the first 4 rounds even though I think it's unnecessary.

    What are yours??
    1. Kinda right. I think lots of people think Ross was a little reach and mixon def a steal based on talent alone.
    2. Wrong (unless someone really wanted a guy in the first we passed for Ross)
    3. Kinda right. Jake Elliott wasn't a "who?" Pick but I do think a lot of people were surprised by it.
    4. Wrong
    5. Wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    Cleveland will trade up from 12 to take a QB. The question is do they want to get in front of the Bills or the Jets? If the Bills, we will trade down from 9 to 12 if no one slips.
    They got pre-empted by Chicago. LOL


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