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Thread: With the 9th Pick, the Bengals select: WR John Ross, Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengalbro View Post
    your team just got the fastest NFL player ever who is no slouch at his position when the current player playing his position is Brandon LaFell. I think it's time to stop complaining.

    He can not like the pick pick if he wants to. Just as you'll complain and he'll cheer if Mixon is taken.

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    I like Ross. Don't get me wrong. He is talented. I just have worries with him and think that 9 was to high for him. I don't dislike the player, I dislike the spot he was chosen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    Man, I could not disagree more with concept that this was a luxury pick. To wit:

    1. He's not "just" a speed guy - he is a polished route runner and has ability to get open quickly short as well as go long. So teams have to respect him at both levels and he should come already able to run the full route tree.

    2. We can't block **** up front, but there was NO ONE available at 9 that we should have taken for o-line. Would have been a laughable reach to do so. So how do you help best a shaky line? How about make it REALLY hard for teams to go more than seven in the box? How about make them think twice about blitzing? Yes? Because a guy with Ross's speed opposite AJ Green with Tyler Eifert on the field and Boyd in the slot means that teams can't easily load up in the box. At least they will have to think twice about it. And Ross's ability to get open quickly short will further take pressure off the line.

    3. Not sure why I see people on twitter and elsewhere keep mentioning Boyd. Ross isn't a pure slot guy, Boyd is (Ross CAN play slot, but he can line up anywhere - Boyd is simply a slot guy). And Boyd is a glacier compared to Ross in terms of speed.

    4. He's a football player, who happens to be fast as ****, not a fast guy who's trying to play football. He spent his first few years as DB, before becoming a wide receiver. Speaks to his understanding of the field and his toughness.

    5. Since the team cleared him and his shoulder and said he will be ready for camp, I will take them at their word. I want him in a full camp, and assuming they are right, no health issues from me. In fact, that shoulder? He played the entire year last year with the torn speaks pretty ****ing highly of his toughness and willingness to be on the field ( I am a health-is-a-skill person).

    6. His size doesn't bother me. Not in a league where i have had to watch Antonio Brown and Steve Smith torch people. And Victor Cruz. Etc. Opposite AJ Green, I don't think Ross is going to see a lot of double teams anyway. And if a physical corner tries to body him off the line, they better pray they don't miss.

    7. Saw on twitter last night, in Bengals last 40 games where they have scored 23 or more points they are 37-1-2. Crosses my mind that they need to make sure they have given themselves as much of an opportunity to score that many then as they can. Last year, without Marvin Jones in particular, they were stuck in mud as an offense. Ross helps fix that right away.

    So, to sum up, thrilled that they pulled the trigger on this. Makes them better from the jump (assuming they are not lying and/or wrong about his shoulder recovery), and gives me legit hope for 2017.
    Well Said! This kid is a football player, and knows the whole route tree, Plus he runs those routes FAST.

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    More on the advanced route running:

    Ross demonstrated a keen ability to sell college defenders on his intentions to head down the field before snapping back to the quarterback. He earned above average success rates on curls and comebacks while breaking off his routes at a 90-degree angle on either the out, dig or flat pattern.

    A surface level evaluation of John Ross’ game, largely due to his size, will bring undeserved questions. His high success rates at all levels of the route tree hint at a deeper ability than just that of a vertical threat, and a demonstrated ability to defeat press coverage adds another layer of optimism. We often take size and extrapolate it a wide receivers’ attributes without confirming it on their game film. Assuming Ross cannot get off the jam due to his frame, he would fall under that umbrella. His 73.2 percent success rate vs. press coverage falls along the 78th percentile and a top-five score in this draft class.

    Ross separates early in his routes with detailed route running and shoves the dagger in the defense with his unmatched speed. There’s no debate such a player will grab a prominent role in a passing game starved fro difference makers like the Bengals. His separation scores across the route tree offer hope that he can not only be a longtime No. 2 wide receiver for the Bengals, but also has the ability to grow into a 1B type of wide receiver along the T.Y. Hilton end of the speed receiver archetype in his range of outcomes.

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    Top 5 against press and all of the whiners are talking him about beating the press.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleycat View Post
    Top 5 against press and all of the whiners are talking him about beating the press.
    Right. I am completely befuddled. It's not like he came from nowhere, there is a ton of film of him against quality competition. Yes, he's fast. Which is absolutely awesome. But he's so much more.

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    That's great news. I figured on his first step alone he should be at least adequate at getting off the line. I really like this pick. Adds more speed than Marvin and we know how good that 2015 offense was.

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    What's more, on NFLN last night they were talking about him as a Red Zone threat, not because of his size, but of how quickly he creates separation and how easily he leaves guys who are pressing him in the dust laterally. As Urban said, it's rare to get a guy who has elite shake along with elite speed in one package. Ross has that.

    It's the reason some of us were saying that, if the Bengals were looking for a top immediate impact player, Ross was near the top of a very short list. He gives us something we don't have, and totally changes the nature of our offense.

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    I don't study these guys like many do, so I can't comment on skill. Seems like a solid player. I am scared of his injury history. If he stays healthy, I think he'll be worth the pick. If he can't stay on the field, I think the pick can be questioned.

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    Even more on the route running prowess:


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