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Thread: With the 9th Pick, the Bengals select: WR John Ross, Washington

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    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes a pre-draft column

    3. JOHN ROSS, Washington (5-11, 188, 4.22, 1): Fourth-year junior ran possibly the fastest 40 ever at the combine. “He’ll be in that DeSean Jackson mold,” said one scout. “He’s a burner but he’s also skilled. He is extremely explosive and he’s got very good body control through the route.” Underwent labrum shoulder surgery in mid-March, the latest in a litany of injuries. Underwent microfracture on his right knee in 2014 and then tore the ACL in the same knee not long after. “Those small wideouts, they have a hard time surviving long-term,” said another scout. Caught 114 passes for 1,729 (15.2) and 22 TDs. “The speed is wonderful but I do have doubts,” a third scout said. “Is he fragile is the question. He’s very clean off the field. Injuries are a concern.” Played at Jordan High in Long Beach, Calif. “If you want that speed element, more of a playmaker, he’s the guy,” said a fourth scout. Wonderlic of 16.

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    Wow, great thread. Not much I can add that's new when posting this late.

    Random stuff.

    Initially I liked but didn't love the pick. I'm a BPA type and I could never find a way to make an argument for Ross as BPA. Plus, I liked Corey Davis better and after months of arguing/debating with you guys I was pretty convinced Davis wasn't worth the pick at #9. And if Davis wasn't worth the pick then there was no way I could make an argument for Ross, my second favorite WR. So put me in the camp that thinks the pick was a reach, although a slight one. And as I mentioned in another thread, mock draft favorite Derrick Barnett would IMO have been an even bigger reach.

    I actually like the pick more after having read this thread. I don't entirely trust the Bengals when they say they didn't get any offers to trade down, but I have no proof. Just doubts. So I've got to let go of that particular gripe. Better still, I really like the articles about how quickly Ross and Lewis bonded. That counts for something with me.

    Also, for as much as I like to think of myself as a pure BPA guy the simple truth is I couldn't quite convince myself to pull for OJ Howard. Ross offered things the Bengals don't have and desperately need. By comparison Howard offered them what they already had. His greatest appeal was as Eifert insurance.

    On the other hand, and at the risk of agreeing with Tubbs and a few others, I admit Ross's injury history scares me as much as that of Jonathan Allen and Reuben Foster. But that said I never take any prospect off my own short lists based upon injury concerns. Simply put, I'm not a doctor and as a fan I'm in no position to judge things that harshly or closely. Rather, I defer to the team and in this example they made the call on Ross. I can't and won't second guess the choice.

    Last, prior to the draft I noted how I had watched Washington play nearly a half dozen games this year....enough to strongly disagree with many early scouting reports that projected Ross as a slot WR. He isn't. In the games I watched I bet he lined up in the slot no more than a dozen times, usually before running a sweep to the left or stepping back to catch a quick hitter behind the LOS. And while I have no doubt he can line up anywhere, based upon what I saw he's a dedicated outside WR.

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    On one of the Bengals Beat podcasts, they (beat writers) intimated that Allen wasn't in their consideration set, due to injury concerns. Not sure on Foster, although as we know there was a lot of different stuff floating around about him. I still think Foster will be a dominant player and I would have been happy with him being the pick, I think Ross (assuming health) gives you some real positives, too.

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    Not sure if this has been posted already, but just saw this video from a few weeks ago about the relationship between Ross and DJax:

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