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Thread: With the 48th Pick, the Bengals select: RB Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

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    With the 48th Pick, the Bengals select: RB Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

    Albert BreerVerified account @AlbertBreer now6 seconds agoMore

    The Bengals are taking ... Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon at 48.

    John BreechVerified account @johnbreech 48s48 seconds agoMore

    John Breech Retweeted John Breech
    Bengals take Joe Mixon, which mean you can probably go ahead and apply this tweet from yesterday again #NFLDraft

    John Breech added,
    John BreechVerified account @johnbreech
    Bengals are 37-1-2 in their past 40 games when they score 23 or more points. Looks like their draft plan was "How do we score more points?"

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    Chris Tomasson‏ @christomasson 48s48 seconds agoMore

    So the Bengals take Joe Mixon with the pick the #Vikings had at No. 48. Traded down seven spots and got a fourth-rounder (No. 128 overall)

    Paul Dehner Jr.Verified account @pauldehnerjr 5m5 minutes agoMore

    #Bengals make the move. Cincinnati selects Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon with the 48th pick.

    Jeremy HillVerified account @JeremyHill33 2m2 minutes agoMore


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    Ian RapoportVerified account @RapSheet 36s37 seconds agoMore

    At No. 48, the #Bengals select #Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon. The landing spot everyone expected. This was approved by owner Mike Brown.

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    trading down, you get the 4th rounder as insurance in case mixon doesn't work out.

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    I don't agree with the pick, but I'm putting my faith in Dave Lapham.

    "from all accounts in what I know of him, he's a good kid who made a horrible mistake."

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    Paul DaughertyVerified account @EnquirerDoc 10s11 seconds agoMore

    The working definition of irony. Anthony Munoz announces Joe mixon

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    Guessing Florio has been waiting to post a scathing article about this for a week.

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    Chase GoodbreadVerified account @ChaseGoodbread 58s58 seconds agoMore

    Mixon to #Bengals.Jeremy Hill's quote two weeks ago:"If they wanna draft a back high, go ahead. They're probably going to be my backup."

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    Rick Gosselin‏ @RickGosselin9 2m2 minutes agoMore

    Joe Mixon becomes the highest non-combine player drafted in 2017, going to the Bengals at 48.

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    hey, at least they are talking about the Bengals draft now.

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    Josina AndersonVerified account @JosinaAnderson 3m3 minutes agoMore

    #Bengals source on what gave them comfort with RB Joe Mixon: "There was a lot of time spent."


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