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Thread: With the 116th Pick, the Bengals Select: DE Carl Lawson, Auburn

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    Scott Bantel‏ @ScottBantel 2m2 minutes agoMore

    Willis and lawson...not bad. With a healthy Hardison and these 2 rookies, the #Bengals have much better options in '17 than '16

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    Mike RennerVerified account @PFF_Mike 7m7 minutes agoMore

    Bengals selected their 4th player among the top 34 on PFF's draft board

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    I would have been ok with him at 41. 116 is a steal.

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    Jay MorrisonVerified account @JayMorrisonCMG 30s31 seconds agoMore

    Lawson missed all of 2014 due to ACL injury, half of 2015 with hip injury. Was a team captain last year. #Bengals

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    Wow - love this guy! I think he's a better pass rusher than Willis. Smart kid, too. Likeable personality. I think this is a great pick and assuming he stays healthy, he can play.

    Love this pick.

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    getting Willis and Lawson as great value picks, makes them not going defense in Round 1 so much more digestible (to me, who wanted defense in round 1)

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 52s52 seconds agoMore

    Carl Lawson says as long as he rushes off the edge, he’s good with wherever he lines up (hand on the ground, standing up, etc.) #Bengals

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    Voch has a video on Lawson. Haven't watched yet:

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    Jed DeMuesy‏ @Local12Jed 11s12 seconds agoMore

    Carl Lawson says he's good friends with former #Bengals Willie Anderson and Takeo Spikes.

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    Chris Binstadt‏ @Binstadt 16m16 minutes agoMore

    @JimOwczarski who's fielding the Michael Johnson questions?


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