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Thread: Rookie Minicamp

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 2h2 hours agoMore

    So, like everyone says: Marvin Lewis not a fan of the idea of footraces between fast athletes. #Bengals #Reds

    Jed DeMuesy‏ @Local12Jed 2h2 hours agoMore

    Marvin Lewis shot down the John Ross Billy Hamilton race. Hard. Shot it down very hard. I doubt it happens if he has a say #Bengals

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    Jed DeMuesy‏ @Local12Jed 2h2 hours agoMore

    Marvin on Hardy Nickerson Sr: "I don't know if I'd be here without him." Lewis coached Nickerson for one year in Pittsburgh. #Bengals

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 2h2 hours agoMore

    #Bengals DC Paul Guenther said Carl Lawson can handle learning LB and DE concepts - should be an interesting watch in camp.

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 2h2 hours agoMore

    Also, after this rookie mini-camp John Ross won’t be back for OTA as he graduates June 10. Won’t be a full participant (shoulder) for a bit.

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 3h3 hours agoMore

    No pads & drill work - but Jordan Willis and Carl Lawson definitely have that superquick first step off the line. #Bengals

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 3h3 hours agoMore

    Some struggles with passes today, let’s say. My sleeper pick for the PS a year ago, Alonzo Russell, looks good again. #Bengals

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 3h3 hours agoMore

    In a league that can’t find / develop backup QBs, a guy like Jeff Driskel should be allowed to participate in this camp. #Bengals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    for those who missed it the first time in the scouting thread, Dustin Stanton blogged about his pre draft visit with the Bengals on April 11th.

    April 11, 2017

    My workout with the Bengals went really well. We started off with film, which was awesome. We talked more about the Bengals' stuff, kind of learned some of their schemes and their terminology for things. The workout was kind of status quo with all blocking schemes and pulling. I did a lot of snapping and long snapping for them, too. Coach (Robert) Couch was excited to see that I can play center and long snap as well, so it was good to show him that. He was happy with what he saw. Then we went out to lunch at Flat Tail. We were there like 20 minutes early, so we pulled out the laptop and watched the Stanford game. It was cool watching film in Flat Tail. This was his last visit, his last workout with any prospect. So he's heading back to Cincinnati and is gonna change some things around on his board and add me to his list of workouts. He's got me graded out (as a fourth-round pick) right now. The way he left it, he said he hopes they draft me. That sounds good coming from him. It's a number. It's something. You can't hang your hat on a number, but it's promising.

    In these meetings, it's more about just learning that team's terminology for different schemes, because everyone pretty much the same stuff. What they're looking for is how fast and how accurately you can recall information. They try to set it up like a film meeting like we have every day (in college). They teach you how they label defensive fronts. They'll walk you through two or three of their run plays and a couple of their pass protections, and then they'll ask you pretty much what they just went over. (They'll say), "OK, draw up this run against this defense. What are you looking for? What are you doing here?" Obviously, there's a little bit more pressure in these meetings than a normal meeting on a team that you've been on for a few years, but you gotta be ready. You've got to be 100 percent focused and absorbing everything that they're saying. (Couch) knew right away. He told me, "Well, you know how to learn football." I drew up everything exactly the way he wanted me to and it was all right.

    So... "Flat Tail" for lunch. Is that a strip club?

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