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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Jason, I think it's the top post of this thread.
    That is the one. Thanks

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    Off topic but I was watching NFL Live yesterday and the idiot/experts finally stopped talking about the Steelers and Cowboys long enough to ask which defender led the NFL in most hits on the QB last season. Three choices were given.

    Vic Beasly, Von Miller, or Carlos Dunlap?

    Give yourself a pat on the back if you answered...Dunlap. His 23 total hits on the QB were one more than Miller managed and 4 more than Beasly. To be fair, both of those players produced more sacks, but it was noted much of their success was due to blitzing or being moved around. In fact, on nearly half of his sacks Von Miller was completely unblocked.

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    But sacks cannot turn into INTs, hits can.


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