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Thread: Rookie Check-In

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    Rookie Check-In

    Joe Mixon leads the Bengals' rookie class through two weeks

    6:07 PM ET

    • Katherine TerrellESPN Staff Writer

    A breakdown of the Cincinnati Bengals 2017 draft class and its progress after two weeks of training camp:

    John Ross, WR, first round (No. 9 overall): Ross may have set a record in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, but he hasn’t gotten much time to flash that speed. Ross is still recovering from offseason surgery and hasn’t been cleared for contact drills. Once he’s back and caught up, Ross should be able to play a role this season as the team’s best vertical threat.

    Joe Mixon, RB, second round (No. 48 overall): Mixon has easily been the most impressive rookie in camp this year with his rushing and pass-catching ability. He should immediately become a factor in a three-way running back rotation with Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard and will likely push for snaps early in the season.

    Jordan Willis, DE, third round (No. 73 overall): Willis has flown under the radar due to the attention surrounding teammate Carl Lawson, but he’s had his moments in camp. One of the most impressive ones came when he burst off the snap to sack Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Finding a way to break into the rotation is going to be difficult early on, but the Bengals would be wise to utilize the talented rookie this year.

    Carl Lawson, LB, fourth round (No. 116 overall): The Bengals have been attempting to turn the college defensive end into a linebacker, but he’s flashed his best stuff at his old position. Lawson has been one of the defensive stars of camp when he’s been used as a pass rushing defensive end. Expect him to see playing time at that position when the Bengals line up in nickel this season.

    Josh Malone, WR, fourth round (No. 128 overall): Malone has had some impressive catches in camp with his unique combination of size and speed (6-foot-3 207 pounds), which allows him to make catches in traffic. As a fourth-round pick, he’ll almost certainly make the team, but his playing time this year will probably be limited due t a crowoded group of wide receivers in front of him. If the Bengals keep six receivers, Malone will probably be inactive on most game days as a rookie.

    Ryan Glasgow, DT, fourth round (No. 138 overall): Although he’s remained out of the spotlight for much of camp, Glasgow had a solid preseason debut with Pro Football Focus giving him credit for three pressures. How Glasgow fits into the rotation is a bigger question. It could be a while before he sees any serious playing time.

    Jake Elliott, K, fifth round (No. 153 overall): Elliott has been neck-and-neck with veteran Randy Bullock in the kicking competition all summer and has displayed impressive leg strength on kickoffs. If the two end training camp in a tie, Elliott should have a leg up to win the job by virtue of his draft position.

    J.J. Dielman, C, fifth round (No. 176 overall): The Bengals tend to keep all of their draft picks around, but that’s difficult this year with such a large class. If the Bengals follow their history, Dielman will make the team. However, with Russell Bodine, T.J. Johnson and Trey Hopkins in front of him at center, this will probably be a “redshirt” year of sorts for Dielman. He'll likely be a game day inactive.

    Jordan Evans, LB, sixth round (No. 193 overall): Evans led all Bengals with six total tackles in his preseason debut against the Buccaneers, but he's had one of the quieter camps among this draft class so far. For now, Evans will likely make his biggest impact on special teams.

    Brandon Wilson, CB, sixth round (No. 207 overall): Wilson hasn’t taken a snap in training camp as he remains on the non-football injury list. At this point, he seems more likely to stay on that list into the regular season than make the active roster.

    Mason Schreck, TE, seventh round (No. 251 overall): Schreck had some drops early in the summer but has come along nicely, making some impressive catches in the past few practices. His chances of making the team will hinge on the recovery of C.J. Uzomah, who severely sprained his ankle in practice and could be out for a while.

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    Why Joe Mixon, John Ross and the '17 draft class are so important to the Bengals

    7:00 AM ET

    • Katherine TerrellESPN Staff Writer

    The Cincinnati Bengals may have shown a glimpse of the future at FedEx Field on Sunday afternoon.

    Rookie third-round pick Jordan Willis was lined up at left defensive end. Rookie fourth-round pick Carl Lawson was at right defensive end. As Lawson was blocking one Redskins lineman into Colt McCoy, Willis was shedding his own block to sneak up behind the quarterback. The ball popped out and the Bengals pounced on it for the recovery.

    Even former Bengals tackle Willie Anderson was impressed.

    "Who is #99?" he tweeted, referring to Willis.

    The Bengals are at a crossroads with Marvin Lewis heading into the season with no new contract. It could be a make-or-break season for Lewis and many around the organization, which is coming off a 6-9-1 season and still searching for an elusive playoff win.

    That means the 11-man draft class could be one of the franchise's most important since Andy Dalton and A.J. Green arrived in 2011. It's almost certain the first four picks could see significant playing time.

    Here's how the rookies have looked through three games:

    First-round pick John Ross made his preseason debut, gaining 8 yards on a jet sweep. He was targeted twice, including one where Dalton overthrew him deep.

    The team will find a role for Ross provided he stays healthy. Ross can overwhelm defenses with his speed, but his shoulder injury probably set him back. He'll continue to be eased in and the Bengals will pick their spots with him.

    Second-round pick Joe Mixon continued his stellar play in preseason, rushing eight times for 31 yards. Mixon's best play was a 6-yard run when he juked starting cornerback Josh Norman, who fell on the ground trying to make the tackle. Mixon almost fell himself, but reached out his arm to steady himself and gained a few more yards.

    However, he made a rookie mistake when he was responsible for a botched handoff from Dalton. Mixon was not looking for the ball and never secured it, which resulted in a turnover.

    Mixon has now rushed 20 times for 78 yards and averaged 3.9 yards-per-carry in addition to catching three passes for 32 yards. Mixon is undoubtedly going to push Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard for playing time.

    Third-round pick Jordan Willis has impressed with his quietly consistent play all preseason. The question is: where does Willis fit in? The Bengals' base lineup will probably be Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, Pat Sims or Andrew Billings and Michael Johnson. That leaves Willis as a rotational player in certain packages.

    Johnson has looked better when the Bengals have placed him inside at defensive tackle instead of at edge rusher. They could perhaps inject some life into the pass rush by moving Johnson inside in some situations and replacing him with Willis.

    Fourth-rounder Carl Lawson has been a one-man wrecking ball during training camp, but the biggest question is whether he can stay healthy. Lawson's injury history caused him to fall to the fourth round and he didn't play in the second preseason game while nursing a new injury. He also raises questions as to where he fits best.

    Lawson played defensive end in college, but the Bengals have been trying him at outside linebacker as well as defensive end. Lawson's coverage skills are still developing and he's looked best at defensive end so far. A lot of his playing time has come at nickel defensive end, so he might find his niche there to start the season. The Bengals are going to have to figure out how to get him on the field, as he's proved to be very disruptive when given the chance.

    Fourth-rounder Josh Malone has impressed throughout camp. His large frame aides him in making contested catches, but he has good speed, too. It's going to be hard for him to find playing time early though. The Bengals will likely go with Green, Brandon LaFell and Tyler Boyd when lined up in their three-wide sets. Ross is going to see a lot of snaps early as the vertical threat to stretch the field. There's no question Malone makes the team. But he could be the odd man out on game days with so much talent ahead of him.

    Fourth-rounder Ryan Glasgow came unblocked up the middle to blow up a run on fourth down. Glasgow has talent and ability, but he's also playing a deep position right now. He might not see much use right away.

    Fifth-rounder Jake Elliott missed a 45-yard field goal on Sunday. Elliott has had a decent camp and showed impressive leg strength, but he hasn't been consistent on a daily basis compared to Randy Bullock. Bullock has had the better camp, but Elliott could get the job based on his draft status. It would be hard for the Bengals to part with one of their draft picks.

    Fifth-rounder J.J. Dielman has spent most of his time with backups and is the third center behind Russell Bodine and T.J. Johnson. He's either a practice-squad candidate or will be inactive on game days, similar to Christian Westerman last year.

    Sixth-rounder Jordan Evans
    hasn't stood out much in camp with some of the other players shining. It could be tough to crack the 53-man roster at linebacker, particularly if the Bengals are listing Lawson as a linebacker instead of a defensive end. If Jordan doesn't make the roster the Bengals would certainly want him around on the practice squad.

    Sixth-rounder Brandon Wilson
    hasn't taken a snap in the preseason and will likely start the season on the non-football injury list, despite the team's thin safety depth.

    Seventh-rounder Mason Schreck
    left the game on Sunday with an injury. Schreck has improved a lot in camp after overcoming some early drops, but his place on the 53-man roster will probably depend on how long they plan to be without C.J. Uzomah. If Uzomah can come back within the next few weeks, Schreck would likely be a practice-squad candidate.

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    Interesting that Kat Terrell doesn't think Evans has shown much. He's obviously fast and he's been more physical than many expected. I like his game and think he could be a cover LB as well as a ST guy from the jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post
    Interesting that Kat Terrell doesn't think Evans has shown much. He's obviously fast and he's been more physical than many expected. I like his game and think he could be a cover LB as well as a ST guy from the jump.
    She's too busy fawning over Mixon's 3.9 ypc to notice anything else. I was pleasantly surprised to see she didn't attempt to blame Dalton for the fumbled exchange.

    Still, my favorite blurb was when she suggested Michael Johnson still has value as a situational DT.

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    Peerman to season ending IR.

    Rookie Brandon Wilson activated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOF View Post
    Peerman to season ending IR.

    Rookie Brandon Wilson activated.
    Wow... kinda surprised they activated Brandon so late in the pre-season. Had no time in either OTAs or TC to practice, but he's a guy I was really excited about as a Swiss Army knife kinda guy... return game, S, emergency RB, and cover guy on STs.

    Also tough break for Peerman... Core ST guy who likely didn't have a lot of years left. Good locker room and character guy. Guess that opens things up for Tra Carson, who has looked solid this PS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post
    Wow... kinda surprised they activated Brandon so late in the pre-season. Had no time in either OTAs or TC to practice, but he's a guy I was really excited about as a Swiss Army knife kinda guy... return game, S, emergency RB, and cover guy on STs.
    Had he not gotten hurt immediately I probably would have written a hundred posts by now detailing why he should replace Peerman on the roster. Still possible I guess, but it's really hard to envision it happening this late.

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    Could they have put Wilson on the PuP?

    Or are we gonna now have to either cut him or put him on the 53?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    Could they have put Wilson on the PuP?

    Or are we gonna now have to either cut him or put him on the 53?
    I think he was on the non FB injury (NFI) list - so not sure you can then add him to PUP. It'll be one of the following:

    - Injured reserve... that is, if he's injured (and he was just cleared). So as long as he's not hurt on Thursday, this isn't an option...

    - Waived and re-signed to PS (if he goes unclaimed) - given his ample physical gifts, this might be a flawed approach but you never know, since he has no game action other than Thursday night vs. Indy... assuming he's playing, that is.
    - Waived and either not signed to PS, or claimed by another team (possible)

    - on the 53 (to me, most likely)

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post
    - on the 53 (to me, most likely)
    We were just talking about how the Bengals sometimes use gunners who weren't used in that role during preseason. No preseason experience at all, right? Coupled with the depth he'd provide at 3 different positions it MIGHT be enough.

    Makes me wonder if they'd consider using Wilson as a KR too?


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