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Thread: Week 1: What Went Right, Wrong, and Sideways, Ravens

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    Right. Which is on the coaching. And the front office. Mistakes compounding mistakes.

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    Hue Jackson is either that good or Ken Zampese is that bad.

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    All of you who thought drafting Oogie-Boogie n Fisher back to back with the 1st 2 picks two years ago was a smart's your sign. Both now in their 3rd years even....pathetic...and that is a huge understatement. #70 has NO business starting anywhere on an NFL O-line...none. Pathetic

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    Wonder how long the coaches are going to stick with these tackles. The offensive line needs a complete re-haul and that can't even start until March..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    Wonder how long the coaches are going to stick with these tackles. The offensive line needs a complete re-haul and that can't even start until March..

    ... and supposedly Hopkins might have a season-ending injury. Oh joy.

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    Literally, nothing went right, because this team is doomed under current coaching leadership.

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    i can handle 0- 16 if it means marvin is gone

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    I usually try to find something to maintain a positive outlook on the season, but it's obviously tough here. I'm looking ahead to path the the playoffs... certainly seems AFC west is getting 2 teams, plus Steelers should make it. That leaves 1 spot. Either the Ravens are this good, in which case they get the last spot. Or we're this bad, in which case we're looking at a top 5 pick. Or it's just the craziness of the NFL ?

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    Ogbuehi really struggled, but he was also getting his first start at LT against Suggs and a 3-4 defense, and we spent a lot of time in obvious pass situations. I don't have a lot of hope for things getting better with him, but I can't dismiss that stuff either.

    Eifert had to do a lot of chipping with Suggs, but he still seemed like he wasn't a part of the game plan.

    I don't know why whoever it was wasn't feeling the wind, but it was a very real factor yesterday. It was very windy in club section, windy on the goal posts, and billowing all five American flags I sat in view of. To further the point, I stuck in my seat for the halftime stuff on the field. The ladies in dresses kept their hands down to keep their dresses from blowing up, the green vests of the Crew on the field were blowing around, and the Bengals banners those people were holding were catching loads of wind... That's why:

    -Dalton's deep balls were so off.
    -Dalton's shorter balls were getting batted like crazy at the line.
    -Huber had some weird ass punts.
    -Flacco's rare passes were super short
    -Their kicker was booming through the endzone two quarters, and had high, short kicks the other two quarters.

    I can't swear he doesn't do it every game, but my wife pointed out something I'd never seen before. Every time in the second half the Ravens punted, Huber paced down the sideline and showed the returners where to stand. He'd jog down the sideline, stop at a mark, wave his arm to the returner(s) and they'd set up at his mark. If he does it every game, then I've learned something new. Otherwise, I think it was further evidence of the wind.

    Dalton never should have thrown that ball intercepted in the endzone. Trying to thread it past three Ravens was just dumb. That INT changed the entire game... The two tipped INTs were crazy. The fumble was bad, but expected after Ced got beat and Andy tried the pump fake. I was heading to my car when the last one happened. It seemed wiser to get home to parole the babysitter than stay.

    As for the fourth down throw away, I was way more pissed at the receivers than Dalton. It's fourth down. What the Hell are Gio and the other receiver doing running back to the wrong side of the first down marker? Two dudes are about to crush Andy, and no one tries to get open deep? Instead, they both run to the wrong side of the first down marker, and into the area of four Ravens defenders who can all stop them dead yards before a first down... it's been an issue for years. Anytime a play breaks down, our receivers have no idea how to improvise and get open.

    The young guys on defense looked promising. I thought Vigil was the best linebacker. Vinyl was solid, but not awesome, and Minter was kind of just there. Evans had some nice plays, but I didn't see him out there much.

    I'm okay moving on from Hill. He needs to run angry, like Dillon used to, but he doesn't. He runs more like Rudi started to when he was trying to extend his career.

    All in all, yesterday made me sad soccer season is winding down.

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    Jim O. Rewatched the game last night... I guess being a beat writer isn't always awesome.

    He said Gio was in for 26 plays, Mixon for 22, and Hill for 10. Hill last in the game early in the 3rd quarter, I think.

    A lot of that, I'd assume, is based on being down, and needing backs in who can catch. However, that's not far from how I'd prefer to see things split.


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