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    Start Mixon - He hasn't earned a thing but the dump off to a back just became my favorite play...and we aren't fooling anyone.

    LaLess LaFell. - Something is seriously wrong when LaFell gets the most snaps of all of this teams skill position players.

    Find someone else to do whatever it is Cody Core does on special teams There are too many WR's on this team who aren't expected to produce in the offense.

    Start Ross - I don't care if he only gets a dozen snaps. If he can play, and Marvin implied he could have against Baltimore, you have to get him on the field before the season is lost. And is it any wonder the offense looks completely out of sync when it attempted to do so little in preseason? The starters barely played. The backups barely played. And in the example of Ross they somehow managed to be both overly cautious and needlessly stupid. What's the plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    I was optimistic but all along said we need two things.

    1. Need the young tackles to have really improved in the offseason.
    2. Needed the OC to have learned from his mistakes last year.

    After 1 game it's pretty clear neither happened. I'm not completely giving up after just a week but I'm close.

    If the OL played well and the OC called a good game and Dalton threw 4 picks anyways I'd feel better. Knowing that sometimes guys just have bad games. But that wasn't the case at all.

    I can't decide what I was more disappointed in yesterday. Ogbuehi's play, or the coaches' complete lack of willingness to do anything about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    I can't decide what I was more disappointed in yesterday. Ogbuehi's play, or the coaches' complete lack of willingness to do anything about it.
    Reminds me of Isiah prince at Penn state. Just refused to help and got sunk cause of it.

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    This is really starting to feel like the year before Andy came, except we lost this year and won that first game. We went on to lose 12 in a row. We thought the team was going to rebound, but it spiraled downward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOF View Post
    I can't help feeling like this team will come to a crossroad long before the 3rd game of the season. They either flip the script against the Texans or IMO the bottom falls out from under this thing.

    Players and coaches can talk all they want about how it was only one game, but fans are going to find it difficult to forget just how bad everything about the Bengals looked. They were so uncompetitive I found myself wondering aloud if the game was unwinnable when the score was 10-0 in the 2nd quarter.
    I find it hard to believe a Marvin Lewis coached team flips the script against the Texans.
    1. They have 2+great pass rushers
    2. They have a running QB who will be running a lot because he doesn't know anything else yet.

    We are toast.

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    I don't expect much of a crowd for Thursday night, and I expect it to be mentioned during the broadcast a few times.

    Where the season goes is beyond me. I'll need at least a month to get a sense of that.


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